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My vote would be natural wood floors with area rug, and paint over the wood paneling walls and ceiling - it will brighten up the room, make it feel bigger, and the paneling will give it a nice textural interest under the paint. You can paint all one color for walls and ceilings, or paint more than one color (walls & ceiling, or accent wall, etc).

How To Work With Wood Paneling In Bedrooms?
Good Questions

5/6/11 01:37 PM

It wouldn't be my personal choice, but I like the idea of the painted headboard, especially since it would be pretty simple and painless to switch, or remove by just painting over it.

I'm planning to DIY an upholstered headboard for my bed this summer, so that we have something soft to lean against when we want to sit up in bed to read:

Has anyone else made their own upholstered headboard?

Before & After: A DIY Painted Headboard
5/4/11 02:20 PM

My favorite plants are the edible kind! Bonus points if they're edible AND beautiful, like cabbage, blueberry bushes, and salad greens:

A Nationwide Roundup of Garden Designers' Favorite Plants
The Gardenist

5/4/11 02:15 PM