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yeah, it's a lot of money ... but Kartell's Louis Ghost chairs would look awesome.

CB2's Vapor chair would also look nice.

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6/6/11 10:04 AM

hivemodern.com is also having a herman miller sale through june 13th...since they're online only there's no sales tax, plus FREE DELIVERY!!

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6/3/11 08:06 PM

vrbo.com is a good site too...not sure how much you're looking to spend, this is more of a vacation site (vacation rental by owner), but i've rented 2 apartments in paris through this site and both were beautiful and affordable. some apartments have daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates.

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5/11/11 01:08 PM

basicfrenchonline.com has small housewares, linens, etc. great stuff.

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5/4/11 10:54 AM