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Oh so very pretty!

My Room: Emma
Portland, OR

8/2/11 11:05 AM

We have a tub of rice that we play with (pouring, measuring, burying things in there and then searching for them). Some other fun ideas include:
Bake together (pouring, mixing, tasting...yum!)
Play with shaving cream on a tray
Finger painting
Painting outside with a bucket of water
Make a fort out of bedsheets, cushions, and furniture
And then the usual games of tag, hide-and-seek, etc.

101 Things To Do With Your Toddler
Counting On Me

6/27/11 11:36 PM

I am so glad you posted this. Not only are the things super cute, but I just put the Staple free Meow Stapler in my shopping cart on another website for $8.99! Not shopping there now. Thanks!

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5/26/11 12:22 PM

ooOOoo LOVE the picnic table idea! I may use it to decorate the space above the table at my daughter's birthday.

Make A Darling Doily Mobile
Lemon Tree Creations

5/5/11 11:15 AM

Although this is pretty for us to look at, I am not sure a baby would enjoy the view when lying in the crib.

Make A Darling Doily Mobile
Lemon Tree Creations

5/3/11 09:54 PM