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Great innovation! Can't wait to see this in person!

Cut Furniture: Giving New Meaning to Flat Pack Furniture
Ambiente 2012

2/24/12 08:36 AM

Apparently, somewhere in the world, petrified wood can be legally harvested, and Hudson Furniture is the only purveyor of same in New York. These are truly beautiful, aren't they? And nature isn't making anymore of them...kinda sad.

Hudson Furniture's Petrified Wood Stumps
1/23/12 12:06 AM

Thank you for posting this. I have been waiting a few months to see the whole film.

Life in a Day: Around the World in 90 Minutes
11/18/11 08:21 PM

Good job and congratulations!

And the Winner of our Cottonelle Brand "What's Your Mood Board" Contest Is....
11/18/11 08:19 PM

This is exactly the kind of look I am trying to create for my Halloween decor...thanks for posting

Sneak Peek Inside a Spooky Yet Sophisticated Home
The Happy Heathen

10/25/11 09:01 PM

Ah!, the Beautiful Life! I would also love to see John's take on Halloween. I am sure it would be something interesting and fun!

John's Memory-Filled Miracle Mile Home
House Tour

10/3/11 09:17 PM

You truly have a way with plants! I love the space. Each of your plants looks so happy, and each is unique, so I don't know how you would ever be able to "edit" any out... Really quite wonderful!

KD's Pocket Paradise
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #2

8/9/11 11:24 PM

I notice how much the question of storage comes up. I am curious as to what we are all having to store! I am about to go from about 1400 sq ft with basement, to 900 sq ft without any storage to speak of, and I am struggling with things like, Christmas and season decor, sentimental items, that I want to keep but will not have any real space for...I am curious as to what everyone else is doing with these kinds of items!

Average Home Sizes Around the World
7/31/11 01:40 PM

My favorite home so is pretty much perfect! I would love to spend time in this space.

Liz's Decoration as Meditation
House Tour

7/17/11 05:30 PM

"I saw, first hand, that the children who did best in the classroom came from the best homes, but this had nothing to do with any rich/poor divide, and all of the ingredients of the good homes that I witnessed were accessible to all.

While teaching, I came to see that the design of our homes and the things we put in them were far more important than I'd thought, and that they affected how we did in the rest of our lives."

I would love to hear more about that... for instance, what, exactly, are the ingredients...This always fascinates me, 2 objects, say a book and a chair, but, what book? what chair? the difference opens up completely different feelings depending on "what".

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy
Part 5 - All Good Paths Have Missions

5/31/11 05:14 PM