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Where are the roller shades from?
Answer: Jeff Simko Custom Shades Electric shades in the master and manual in guest dedroom.

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
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5/4/11 01:54 PM

Answering a few other questions:

What about the shower? How many knobs? - Answer: There are no knobs. Its run off of a Kohler Digital Shower System and is programmed by user. One touch and you're in the shower at the preferred temp from the preferred shower head. All fixtures are from Kohler.

What about the floors?
Answer: Floors are 12 x 24 porcelain tiles from Emser Tile in Hollywood.

What about solar?
Answer: There is solar heat to the pool which keeps it about 10 degrees above the outdoor temperature.

A glass ceiling in the half bath?
Answer: Yep...the light comes in from the clearstory windows above and makes what would be a very dark small room into naturally lit small bath. The lighting at night up from the vanity and down from the ceiling creates a dramatic look.

Where do the vanity come from?
Answer: They were custom made from a local LA cabinet shop which was much cheaper than many of the high end pre-fab options.

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
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5/4/11 01:26 PM

The white is Benjamin Moore "Decorator's White". The front of the house faces West which means the direct sun hits the south side of the home where there are less windows. The North pool side of the house doesn't get sun directly into the house. The sun hits the pool directly however.

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
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5/4/11 01:09 PM

As the homeowner, I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading all of your posts. You should know that EVERY time I walk in my front door I think about how I can add color, how can I make this room more cozy, what piece of furniture would be best for this spot, what is the right piece of art for this wall and how do I give it a more of a lived in, less austere feeling.

A little backstory for you. I sold my last home in October of 2010 fully furnished. They purchased the furniture, rugs and all art off the walls. As sellers dream….right!? More like a LOT of work. The opportunity to start from scratch seemed like a lot of fun especially since my last home was Spanish and this home was very modern. I moved into this house last Thanksgiving with my books, dishes, a mattress and my clothes. You could say I’ve been obsessed with furnishing the house over the last five months and loving every minute of it. I love architecture and I love design. Most of all I love making a place my own and when Bethany photographed the place I kept telling her what I really want to do in this spot and what I have in mind for this room.

I think everyone’s home is always a work in progress. You should know that every comment about white walls, too slick, too minimalistic are things I think about every day. I love wondering around each room thinking about what the possibilities are. Thanks to everyone for the comments! Great to hear from other people that love the spaces we live in as much as I do.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at I’d love to respond to any questions!

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
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5/4/11 01:52 AM

Adding some color (in the right places) to the house inside is next on my list! I've been focused on getting the house furnished first. Thanks for all the great compliments :)

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
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5/3/11 10:08 AM