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Fannie Farmer and the Joy of Cooking!

What's the Best General, Comprehensive Cookbook to Buy? Good Questions
3/11/14 04:18 PM

Or you can use one of these awesome new products from a company that's right down the street from me in Somerville, MA!

How to Pack the Perfect Salad in a Jar Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/16/13 03:33 PM

I was debating the whole bread/no bread thing when I came across this spiced ginger and pear recipe: So I'm going to make that instead of traditional bread or rolls. And if it doesn't get eaten on Thanksgiving, it'll be great for breakfast the next day!

Bread at Thanksgiving: Do or Don't?
11/12/12 04:09 PM

Definitely check out Daily Garnish, as suggested by someone else. Also, seitan is REALLY easy to make and it is so versatile! Also, tacos, quesadillas and other Mexican food is really easy to make vegan with lots of yummy beans. I love the Veganomicon cookbook for its diversity of recipes that often don't include tofu, tempeh, etc. Good luck!

Can You Suggest Some Festive Vegan Dinner Party Recipes? Good Questions
11/6/12 12:41 PM

If you cook, you don't clean up!

The 10 Commandments of Cooking: What Do You Think They Are?
10/31/12 01:34 PM

I love Teddie's super chunky natural peanut butter! It's delicious and made right near my house.

Chunky or Creamy? Peanut Butter Ingredient Spotlight
10/22/12 09:35 AM

Bananas! Slice in half then in half again and heat up in a pan with a little cooking spray. They get all caramelized and delicious. Also nuts or nut butters are awesome on or in pancakes. Also, not sure if you want the actual pancakes to be different flavors, but pumpkins pancakes would be great right now. Good luck, sounds like a fun party!

Any Ideas for Toppings and Sides at a Pancake Party? Good Questions
10/9/12 09:25 AM

My advice is to make whipped banana oats a la Kath Eats, they are amazing!!!

3 Tips to Help You Make Perfect Oatmeal
9/12/12 04:17 PM

Come to Somerville! We have a banging farmers market and tons of people growing/making amazing local food.

Also, the absolute best restaurant and bar in the city are here (in my opinion): Backbar and Journeyman, both in Union Square.

And don't miss Highland Kitchen, it's my favorite, go-to neighborhood spot for a great meal and a delicious cocktail!

A Food-Lover's Guide to Boston
Markets, farms, artisans, & best shops for cooks

7/16/12 10:56 AM

Instead of drinking a smoothie from a glass, try pouring it into a bowl and topping it with granola--it's my favorite breakfast!

5 Things To Do With That Little Bit Of Leftover Smoothie
6/5/12 03:16 PM

My husband and I have a really small kitchen, so we actually use our half-size dishwasher to store pots and pans! It works great and we don't miss it at all. We hand-wash everything and it really doesn't take long if you just stay on top of it ... and we cook almost all meals at home. Our friends think we're crazy, but it works for us.

Living Alone with a Dishwasher Cooking for One
5/2/12 10:26 AM

Corn starch and some milk (non-dairy works fine too) should do the trick!

Ideas for Breading That Doesn't Use Eggs?Recipe Questions
3/19/12 05:02 PM

I'm not sure of the why behind it, but I know that those salad dressing containers that you can buy at the store to make your own have a line for water as well as oil and vinegar. Since that was my first experience making salad dressing, I always add some now. Never knew it was weird until I read this!

What Do You Know About Adding Water to Vinaigrette?
1/19/12 02:54 PM

I absolutely love this house! I'm from NH and it embodies everything I love about it. Thank you so much for sharing!

My Parents' Beloved Lake House
House Tour

10/14/11 02:19 PM