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Sorry, that was silly of me. The artist has their name right on that link. Slava Gerj.

Source For Painting from Suits Series? Good Questions
6/24/14 10:02 AM

I think I found it. It's called "Castle of the Sea" but didn't see anything about the artist. You can actually buy a shutterstock copy of it here. I'm guessing that's what they did and then cropped and printed it on a canvas.

Here's the link:

Source For Painting from Suits Series? Good Questions
6/24/14 09:57 AM

1k for a matching couch and love seat, on sale at a generic furniture store. It was the first furniture my hubby and I bought after getting married and, looking back, I would have passed if we hadn't believed we needed it at the time. It was the only one we could both agree on at the time and we were still in the "Whatever you like, I like" phase.
We got rid of the couch but still have the love seat. I'm on the lookout for something with more personality all the time. Also something not chocolate brown.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Sofa?
5/13/14 12:14 PM

What a lovely solution to a frustrating project. It looks perfect in your living room. Now here's my question: What kind of nuclear-resistant paint did your cousin use!?!

Before & After: Was Beth Successful in Removing this Painted \"O\"? Good Questions Revisited
5/13/14 11:21 AM

Could you stain it dark instead? You said it was veneer and I don't know if veneer will take a stain, but a deep, glossy stain on the top and drawers and a light or white on the framing edges and legs could look really chic and emphasize the unique elements while still being conservative enough to stay classic for a long time.

Good luck and great find!

Who Made This Desk and Should I Paint It? Good Questions
5/2/14 09:16 AM

I like the subdued look, but all I can think of everytime I see chalkboard paint is all the chalk dust getting into my stuff!

Small Space Inspiration: 10 Closets Turned Workspaces & Home Offices
5/1/14 09:34 AM

Yours is on a much larger scale that mine, but I had a kitchen door with glass push-panels instead of handles. It was all scratched and painted over but here is what we did (and we love it!):

1. Unscrew it from the door, clean it as best you can (maybe try some eyeglass repair serum to fill in the scratches?)
2. Find a pretty fabric that you like, wash, iron, etc. then cut it to be larger than the plexiglass by a few inches on all sides, enough to be able to make adjustments later on (we got a shower curtain from World Market on super clearance that I made kitchen curtains out of, then had excess fabric to do this with. A shower curtain may be just the right size for this too)
3. Having someone help you (my hubby helped me but any willing body would do) place the fabric
4. Place the plexiglass back on top, putting the screws back in in pars on either side of the panel and using the excess fabric to adjust placement as needed (you may also use double-sided tape to keep the fabric well placed before putting the panel back on.
5. Using a new blade, cut away the excess fabric with an xacto or box cutter and you'll be left with a lovely, completely removable solution to an odd problem.

I hope our posts give you some good ideas. Just remember, there is a good design solution to almost every problem, please let us know what you come up with!

How Can I Beautify My Plexiglass-Covered Front Door? Good Questions
5/1/14 09:20 AM

Whoops, completely missed that part about the built-in pump. This is why I should read more carefully before commenting.

Volvo's Space-Saving (Inflatable) Car Seat of the Future
4/17/14 09:33 AM

I completely agree, it would be so much easier to just carry it as a backpack instead of that, plus diaper bag, etc. Backs would be less strained, grandparents would be able to use it more easily. The only downside would be having to inflate and deflate, but maybe (hopefully) it will be self-inflating, like a life-raft!

Volvo's Space-Saving (Inflatable) Car Seat of the Future
4/17/14 09:32 AM

The second one reminds me of the way moss grows on wood in the Northwest and could be really cool in a garden setting.
The first is a great success as what it would look like if a person did become one with the couch (the buttons even look anatomical, like belly buttons). I may not want it in my home, but it will certainly stay in my mind. I think the artist did a great job getting her point across. And now I am inspired to go for a run. Now.

Never Forget This Exists in the World: The \"At One\" Sofa
4/15/14 05:01 PM

I have to say, the first photo make me chuckle, but scrolling down to see the second "fixed" door photo make me laugh out loud. At work.

AT please give us more of these. Pinterest is putting on too much pressure!

Reader Regrets: Jake's Short-Order Door
4/15/14 09:33 AM

I vote for giving the top a good oil/clear coat and a glass topper, clear coat the legs to match (they appear to be the same type of wood, or am I wrong?) and put a darker or colored stain on the border. Maybe a subtle green stain? Please don't paint. I'm not anti-paint for the right piece but that it too beautiful! Congrats on the find.

How Should I Refinish Mexican Carved Wood Table? Good Questions
4/15/14 09:23 AM

I agree with a soft grey or white, at least until you live there for a while and figure out how all your stuff is going to change the room.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/14/14 10:02 AM

I agree with a smaller table that can be extended, then moving your studio into the dining area, it might even be less distracting for you to be in there.

And since you appealed to the AT community, here's some unsolicited advice! These are some things I've learned since living with my husband:

1. He likes the couch and as much furniture as possible against the wall. Why you ask? After observing/asking him, these are some points to keep in mind:
- If your boyfriend is bigger than you (my hubby is 6' while I am 5'2") the world is smaller to him and more difficult to move around in, especially when he's tired.
- He doesn't want to be careful when sitting down. If the couch is in the middle of the room and it scoots back when he flops down, he's going to hate it and YOU are going to hear about it. ALL. THE. TIME. I think it's because if the furniture doesn't feel stable and stationary when he wants it to be he can't relax entirely.

2. Don't get too many cute, breakable things until he's gotten used to the layout, he will curse all the pretty decorative bowl you own because he feels like they are all trying to jump off the table at him to break when he walks by (bull in a china shop, seriously).

3. The previous point goes double for anything in the bathroom, especially around the toilet and any time he wants to take a bath.

Better Living Room Layout Ideas? Good Questions
4/14/14 09:55 AM

Wow that's beautiful!

It does take guts to paint stone and wood, but the difference is night and day.

Great job on the gold cover up, too!

Before & After: A Faux Fireplace Gets One Inexpensive and Easy Update
3/13/14 10:11 AM

These would be a wonderful replacement for the ugly match boxes we get. I have a question, though. Where can you find strike anywhere matches anymore, or would these work with the strike-on-box kind? If so, I'm buying one today!

Vintage French Match Strikers
2/25/14 09:39 AM

Very cute and sophisticated at the same time. I would have loved this as a kid and gives me wonderful ideas for when we have them. Play houses, for me, were much more fun the more "real" they felt. Add a cute little garden spot and what a "me" place this must give them.

Before & After: Little Tikes Plastic Playhouse Paint Job
11/14/13 08:26 PM

Completely charming, well done!

Before & After: A Headboard Gets Reincarnated View Along The Way
11/14/13 08:18 PM

My mother grows these and they are completely charming in arrangements. But yes, the berries do drop, especially if roughly handled. If you have them over carpet I would make sure to pick up the dropped ones because (like all berries) they will stain. Still worth it!

Fall Decorating Ideas: Make Floral Arrangements with Purple Callicarpa The Gardenist
11/6/13 09:24 PM

We have a back door like that in our apartment kitchen, I love the light but, being on the ground floor, anyone using the fire escape could see my doing the dishes in the all-together (it gets hot here!). Our solution was to get the cheap, frosted contact paper. It's been wonderful and was very inexpensive. I've seen some much prettier versions around the neighborhood and, were we owners, I would have liked better.

A Real Front Door: Does This Mean I Have to Start Wearing Pants?
8/12/13 02:02 PM