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My heart goes out to Debbie. The other day my extremely beloved 65-pound terrier mutt ran away when I let her out to go potty. In nearly two years she had never left the yard before. I had to drive around the neighborhood with my window down calling her and trying not to throw up from panic. I finally found her three blocks away (and across a very busy street) just wandering around. Worst ten minutes EVER. Needless to say, she's never going out by herself again. Pets make a house a home and I can't imagine not having a dog around make me laugh, to cuddle with, and to be soooo excited to see me when I come back in after taking 30 seconds to walk down the driveway to pick up the mail.

What Pets Bring To Our Home & A Sad Farewell
5/11/11 08:49 PM