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This is the far and away better than all the rest in the contest. The clean yet distinctive lines of the wall in the main room make this place have the appearance of a show place (not a hotel). The tree is complimentary in design and tone enhancing the dimensions of the room. I appreciate the colors of the bathroom and the splash of orange provides a decisive characteristic lending a feeling of a much larger abode and distinctive sections to your environment. Love the wine rack by the way. Seeing through the kitchen cabinets allows us to see your stuff and believe you do eat there, and seeing inside your closet adds more proof that two normal folks have the usual stuff efficiently stored away. Kudos on your organizational skills!!! This place totally rocks and has the appearance of the work of a designer! What are your occupations?

Southwest Semi-Finalist #3: Eric and Ammo's Eye-Catching Abode
5/16/07 04:41 PM

I'm really impressed that #32 on the East has a baby grand piano. I believe you are the only other apartment to mention a piano, and we can't see any of your piano in the photos. When you are a finalist, please do show off that piano of yours. The sense of musicality with the pianos is wonderful in small apartments, showing you (and also #32 East) have style, taste and class. One or two folks mentioned your space was too neat and tidy for them, but I bet they will be impressed that you got the piano in there in the small space you have. And I do believe you are one of the smaller apartments in terms of square footage in the entire contest. I'm looking forward to additional photos of your eye-catching abode that will depict more of your taste and style. Monkey Pod table, wonderful walls, colors of chocolate and teal and a sleek piano. Your place rocks. I can just hear some great music now as I envision your pad with folks relaxing at a gathering while you play for them! Great.

#3- Eric and Ammo's Eye-catching Abode
4/30/07 07:42 PM

I am enjoying reviewing the apartments around the country and do admire many of them. There are some great entries. It is nice to know that so many folks appreciate and develop the appearance of their small homes. Your tree and tiled pattern wall are the best examples of paint work yet across the country. I have noticed in many of the comments that the eames chairs are huge draws and should YOU become the overall winner I imagine from your style that you would consider that line of chairs as something to purchase with the contest award, as we all know they are wonderful!!!!

However, your taste in wall decor is well acknowledged, and I am now waiting for others to acknowledge your furniture. You've got the only MONKEY POD table to be seen yet in this contest. It is a fabulous piece of furniture and I'm sure carries significant history. I'd like to know what others think of that fine table. It's beautiful and adds an additional touch of classic design to your small abode. Contined good luck in the contest, you are a sure bet to be the national winner.

#3- Eric and Ammo's Eye-catching Abode
4/18/07 07:59 PM

Like the chair...very, very nice.
Like the green splash of color on the wall, I like bold colors and the gumption to try them.
Good job.

#3 - Michael and Mindy’s Urban Modern
4/12/07 08:30 PM

Wonderful alignment of sleek forms in this fabulous space. I think this is the best home of any that have been accepted so far across the country this year.
It is so nice to see someone take the initiative to develop an idea into a well-conceived plan to accentuate with colors and hues to embody their living space with such interesting appeal. It is certainly a space that would merit entertainment and leave the guests feeling comfortable and at ease concurrently.
I can't wait for this apartment to be selected as a national finalist so that we will be able to see additional photos and read enhanced commentary from the occupant.
Love the chocolate colored wall and the fabulous design of the large wall with all the details. The colors are incredible and reflective of the dwellers great taste.

#3- Eric and Ammo's Eye-catching Abode
4/12/07 07:45 PM