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ugh I HATE IT SO MUCH when a filmmaker is interviewing a person, and that person dose not know what they are talking about, then they say something that the film maker thinks is the right way to think. He runs both of the clips like we are so posed to feel all happy that the guy came to the right conclusion, even though he knows nothing about the issue. More people thinking one way dose not make something correct. I'm all for this documentary and for labeling GMO's, but I will still buy them. It is my choice, and I like to think that scientist do know what they are doing and if someone dose tests and tells me its safe then I believe them. It makes me sad to see millions of people throwing away seeds that were modified to grow better in a climate that is hard to grow food in and then starving to death.

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7/29/11 11:55 PM

while I don't think those protective gloves are practical or helpful when learning how to cook; I do think that the grader, knife and cutting board are all good things. They are designed for small hands. I think that we take for granted the fact that most things we use are made to fit us. One of the reasons we can use a knife or grader safely is because they are made for big hands to hold. I would defiantly use these with my kids I think they look like useful learning tools.

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7/7/11 06:17 PM

I love how beautiful this room is, but it just seems like way too much stuff for a baby.

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6/17/11 04:10 PM

I love love love aquilla it was a favorite of mine growing up, and still is as I go through college getting my masters in teaching. I love how adventurous it is and how it deals with children finding a love of learning.

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6/17/11 04:09 PM