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Very staged feeling. Otherwise, nice house, nice tour.

Christina's \"Olmay Oh My!\" House Tour House Tour
9/3/13 03:36 PM


I'm kind of confused by the windows in the kitchen - do they open from the top? they seem to pop out at the top....

Julie & Spiro's Getaway in Greece House Tour
4/22/13 03:53 PM

I usually dont' post negative comments, and don't mean to be negative - just a request to show the actual rooms please! So many of these views are so fragmented it's hard to get a real idea of the rooms, the kitchen photo was blurred or obscured by an open door..? tight close ups of books etc...ack! (and yes, I may have overlooked some photos I began jumping around becuase there were duplicates)

and yes, over exposed. I so want to SEE the place as it looks nice. and a floor plan would be lovely. :) From what I can tell, nice home though! I see a lot that I like.

Amy's Light & Bright Small Space House Tour
3/27/13 12:33 PM

To MCW2009 - one thing I bring for lunch: I chop either broccoli or spinach, put in container with a pinch of salt, then I add some feta (or not). I put a raw egg (in the shell) in the container as well. At lunch time I remove the egg, crack it into the container with the veggies, and microwave for a minute or two, stirring once. Its quite good.

The other option is similar - black beans in a container with some spinach and onions, a bit of chili powder, dash of salt. Heat at work and either eat as is or sometimes I will put it on a pita or over a bed of lettuce.

I also bring fruit a lot for lunch - cut up various fruit, add some slow oats, chia, some nuts and seeds, raisins or dates. maybe a dash of agave, stevia, cinammon - or not. Add almond mill, stir. Let that soak until lunch time - sort of a raw take on oatmeal...

Love to hear others suggestions!

20 Satisfying, Wholesome Lunches You Can Make the Night Before Recipes from The Kitchn
3/13/13 09:22 AM

agreed with all of the previous comments. GREAT do-over!

Before & After: Ellen's Bad Stain
to Fresh & Clean Coffee Table

2/6/13 09:00 AM

I've always used google calendar online. Now that I have my first smartphone, I wondered about calendar apps but didn't see a reason to change from the google calendar which I can share with others, etc.

Are there any pros for me to CHANGE what I am using? Anyone? The google calendar display on the phone could be better.....maybe that is the difference with an app? Sorry, as I said, I JUST got my first smartphone so I'm really not sure about all the capabilities.


Scheduling Made Easier: Calendar Apps Weekly Smartphone App Roundup
1/9/13 10:07 AM

I often wondered at the 'you can get a stump anywhere' people until I kept my eyes open and then ASKED. Visit suburban communities that have OLD trees. BIG trees. When the tree cutting crews come in, ask them if you can have a stump or two (or three or four). I received 3 large stumps this way. They tossed them in my car, I rolled them out, and I solicited help to get them inside.

They do not have to be kiln dried but it is recommended that you strip the bark off and let them sit in a garage for a year. Any parasites will leave and the stump will stop 'shedding'. In addition, I've been told to use a couple of old belts or ratcheting tie downs to prevent them from splitting as they dry.

10 DIY Ideas for the Simple Wood Stump
12/6/12 02:58 PM

It is a little odd when the photos are so drastically different in lighting/development. I think the latter photo is probably tweaked a little. They removed a ceiling light and ended up with more light, did they also remove part of a wall? and the vent in the ceiling?

Before & After: Drab Basement to Airy Playroom Professional Project by Frances Herrera
4/20/12 04:57 PM


Before & After: Bland to Grand Entryway
ReNew ReDo

1/12/12 02:19 PM

LOVE it and have the perfect totally blank wall for it - though I had just decided to put a repurposed painting there. hm.

Would You Hang an Oversized Mirror in Your Kitchen?
1/12/12 01:28 PM

NICE! I think I'm going to try this one!

Before & After: A Different Ikea RAST Makeover
12/16/11 04:53 PM

love. love. love.

Tereasa & David's Grown-Up Tree House
House Tour

10/13/11 12:56 PM

What a great transformation! Thanks for sharing!

Before & After: Tiny Bedroom Turned Lovely Dining Room

10/12/11 04:23 PM

If you entertain a lot - two islands is great! Or if you have like 7 or more children....I know when I was entertaining on a regular basis, two islands would have been a HUGE bonus - everyone likes to congregate in the kitchen. And you can put everyone to work. Is is necessary? No. But if you have the means and the space - go for it!

Two Islands in the Kitchen: Do or Don't?
9/1/11 01:15 PM

In my other house we used a drying matt like the drying dock. I was very happy with it, once dishes dry, roll it up and put it in the cabinet. Wash it every so often (not as often as you might think because its clean water dripping on it and it dries FAST).

I just moved a couple of weeks ago and have a plastic rack from IKEA which I like but it is not angled and has no drop tray so I keep a towel under it. I have no dishwasher so it sits out all the time :( and I just change the towel under it every so often.

A more decorative one would be nice but the IKEA one that I have holds a LOT, so for now its function over form.

Best Dish Racks 2011

8/11/11 01:36 PM

I have three LARGE stumps drying. I have heard it is best to let them dry for a year (they dry, any bugs go away, any sap or other liquids will stop seeping). Peel the bark off, and use an old leather belt tightened as much as you can to prevent it from splitting too much. They can be painted or sealed after that. (careful too as some stumps have HUGE VERY sharp spikes under the bark - one I have drying now has these, they will need to be ground down)

Beautiful & Useful: Tree Stumps at Home
7/23/11 11:15 AM

I watched and really liked some of the ideas -- and others not so much. Painted stairs - YES! Am going to do my basement steps in the next month or two I will def. be watching again!

Did You Watch? Home by Novogratz, Episode One
7/19/11 05:59 PM

lovely! The blue wall color in the first photo is absolutely dreamy - I feel like I could fall right into it. LOVE it.

Natural Colors: A Designer Getaway in Nova Scotia
New York Times

7/13/11 04:49 PM

we keep a 4" unused paintbrush in each car. They work well, but now we'll keep a small container of cornstarch and dip in there first!

One Simple Trick: How To Keep Sand Out of the House
7/5/11 11:43 AM

something similar here (but called a stool - most stools can be sat on...?)

Summer Style: Decked Out Decks
7/1/11 10:26 PM