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its made completely of metal, so I don't see why not. I have the system hanging on my wall right now :D I think that the paint would eventually chip, but if you aren't being too rough with it it will last pretty well.

Can the Dignitet System be Spray Painted?
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12/4/11 01:53 AM

We bought the Ikea one as a group gift for my daughter's 1st birthday. My 12 year old loves to play with it, with the 1 year old, so its going to be a gift with a long life. I love how it looks, and the price was right. I was happy that it only had a few pieces of plastic!

Play Kitchens for Any Budget
12/2/11 06:30 PM

Is a short loft bed

Shared Room Advice (Especially Bedding)
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10/4/11 02:01 PM

i really love Ikea for co-ordinated bedding. I have a boy and girl that share a room, and ikea has a pretty big selection of things from crib/toddler to full size that co-ordinate with each other but in different colorways.

A few years ago I bought striped bedding from them that included a pink stripe. for my boys bed I played up the greens and blues, and for my girls bed I played up the pink. We are moving into a little bit older age, and are going to use a ticking stripe from Ikea, In red (that reads pink when seen from afar) for my 6 year old daughter, and green for my 9 year old son.

We are fortunate to be able to have them in a big room, so both of our twin beds are on the floor, but when they were in a smaller room we had a short loft bed (adult chest height) with a toddler bed underneath. That worked well for us.

Shared Room Advice (Especially Bedding)
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10/4/11 01:49 PM

we LOVE ed emberley!! I'll add this to my daughters I-pod ASAP!

Ed Emberley Shake & Make App
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7/14/11 06:18 PM

LOVE it! Spray Painting furniture is my new passion :D

Before & After: An Outdated Desk Goes Gorgeous and Girly
7/14/11 05:23 PM

nope. I wouldn't use it. Too thrifty. We just lay the baby down on a handtowel in the regular bathtub!

The Gloob: The Multi-Purpose Small Space Saver
6/18/11 03:01 PM

You aren't leaving your baby there alone to eat lead paint, or play with the rusty hinges. I have a 15 month old that I still change on her changing table every time (she has cloth diapers and its just much easier to change her on her table) and she doesn't play with the stuff that is around her table except the things I allow her to play with.

I say go for it! Anything that you can put a changing pad on easily is game to me :D and the bumpy drawer liners is a genius idea. My changing pad DOES slip around on top of a 1940's dresser.

Is It Safe To Use a Hoosier as a Changer?
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6/18/11 02:57 PM

oooh, I LOVE the extra room under beds! I like the aesthetic of clear floors, but that isn't always feasible in small spaces! I love the built in idea!

Under Bed Storage
5/17/11 07:09 PM

My 12 year old sneaks into the baby's room and plays with the play kitchen. I don't think they ever outgrow it totally :D

Yet Another Awesome DIY Play Kitchen
5/2/11 12:45 PM