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Frame it in a huge frame with a giant mat... like a 20"x30" frame, i'd go really big... with a huge mat too... like a 2' mat on top, and a 1.5' mat on the sides. maybe a thin pink frame... That would be bright, modern, fun... and would ironically play off the "mat mania" on the cover...

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Good Questions

10/6/11 06:18 PM

"A painted instrument is a tip off that its owners aren't serious musicians."


So because I created a great piece of modern art in my home using my piano, through primarily painting, I am not a serious musician?

I've played for 25 years, and continue to play several times a week... On the same piano, now painted orange and pink to match a piece of art hanging above it.

In my opinion, the serious musicians could make the most of music be it on a $100K Grand, 40 year old rotting spinet, or a $30 keyboard.

Man makes the music, music doesn't make the man...

That being said.... Great pianos! Great rooms! Keep up the great posts AT!

Music To Our Eyes: Pianos In The Home
5/2/11 12:16 PM