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I live in England so we have different power sockets here, but I always buy extension leads with individual power switches for output. This means I turn off everything that isn't being used. I believe this saves electricity and nothing unexpected is ever going to turn on in the middle of the night. Unless there is a ghost.

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6/3/13 09:30 AM

The Desk Rail in no way reminded me of the Lettuce Upgrade

Desk Rail: The Digital Desk Assistant Kickstarter
4/10/13 03:11 PM

I took the liberty of making Colleen's playlist on Spotify. For me 7/4(Shoreline) won't play.

Designer Colleen Hill's Atmospheric Audio Playlist Lifework
2/14/13 06:50 PM

I find Blu-ray to be slightly un-relaxing to watch. It's so detailed that every pixel demands attention. It reminds me of when I used to listen to music on my Aiwa cassette player with a special bass boost feature. It didn't sound at all hi-fi but even with the hiss, wow and flutter it sounded absolutely lovely.

Does High Definition Resolution Even Matter For You?
Reader Intelligence Report

9/18/12 03:13 PM

I don't know about the US, but here in the UK there are a bunch of British and International standards that need to be complied with for electrical wiring:

I'd be surprised if this installation was allowed. That looks like a wall-mounted socket, but what's going on behind? Is there an enclosure that would stop stray bits of metal coming into contact with live wires? Of course if you did it competently there would be, but actually, what passes as competent in an unusual scenario like this? And this looks like it's in a kitchen where you might spill water - into a piece of furniture that might not be water-tight? Can you be certain that water wouldn't drain into this drawer, pool, and be touched by someone who sticks their hand in? And the concealed cables at the back that are constantly moved as the drawer is opened and closed - you would never know if they had frayed until something shorts or you have an accident.

Making the Utility Drawer More Useful: Outlet Hidden Inside Drawer
8/21/12 06:44 PM

I'm utterly addicted to TowerDefense on my iPad.

Lunch Break Equals Game Break, Tablet Style Tablet App Recommendations
8/20/12 12:24 PM

A great big knob - my Griffin Powermate is indispensible - aside from giving great control of volume on my PC, when the phone rings, click it and it mutes everything.

It's worth mentioning I have B&W MM-1 speakers that were worth every penny - tiny near-field speakers that go all the way down to 38Hz. How on earth do they do that?

What Every Well Equipped Office Should Have
6/27/11 07:20 PM

I'm wondering whether the Chromebook might be the ideal device to fulfill this function?

Make Social Networking Screen Sleep Fast When Working
6/16/11 04:31 AM

I find Timer Tab helpful:

But possibly the best thing for me has been running Google Apps, Outlook and Calvetica on my iPhone. It's very hard to miss an event in your diary with that many things reminding you.

Recommend Good Apps for Time Management?
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5/20/11 10:24 PM

These things make you appear to be a nutter. It's not a matter of how svelte they are, what logo they carry or what colour they are. You will be standing around in public talking to yourself, committing the additional crime of mistakenly thinking you are cool.

Super Tiny Bluetooth Headsets For Your Smartphone
5/19/11 05:19 PM

My iPhone is certainly the first way that I access the Internet during the day because it's on virtually instantly, no waiting for a computer to start up.

Do You Go Online More Often With a Smartphone?
5/16/11 09:58 AM

I had a cold this winter that seems to have turned into some kind of permanent sinus-based hay fever thing. This is despite having an Airfree air purifier next to my desk and one in my bedroom.

I'm just looking for some sympathy, that's all...

Allergies? Tech Tips to Help You Survive Spring
5/16/11 08:14 AM

When I arrived for my second ever day at work my boss called me in and ripped me a new a-hole for leaving my desk in such a mess.

I never did it again.

Best Desk Decluttering Tip?
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5/14/11 12:02 AM

I completely disagree with PAY FOR PC MEMORY, NOT SPEED. I often help people to buy PCs and I always push for the fastest possible processor within budget. Anyone can add more RAM in a year or two, but almost nobody can upgrade to a faster processor.

The speed of processor determines the end of life of the PC.

Years after helping people buy their computer I hear back from them that it's still running well, that they haven't had to replace it yet.

Buy Components Over Cables, Plus 6 More Tech Trade-Offs
5/13/11 11:58 PM

This could be the start of something big (or maybe it is already and I just haven't noticed it) - turning cables into things of beauty.

Final Frame: World of Alice AC Adapter
5/13/11 11:48 PM

What about Tumblr - the traffic can be huge for the right audience.

Create a Great Website Without Graphic Design Experience
5/12/11 05:43 PM

If you're a Dropbox convert, don't only use a Mac, and want to make text notes on your iPhone then something like Elements might tick the right box for you. PlaintText is a strong alternative but it has Mac carriage returns that aren't great for a PC user. Supposedly Nebulous Notes and Droptext are slightly less good, but if you're going to be making lots of notes you might even consider buying a couple. Depends how rich you feel.

3 Great Note-Taking Apps for iOS and Android
5/12/11 08:27 AM

The design doesn't make sense to me - it seems that you can't pedal the bike. It would have been so easy to shape the wood so it could accommodate something like this:

Final Frame: Standing At Your Desk Is So Last Year
5/12/11 08:04 AM

Made me think of the Zoolander gas pump scene.

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
5/1/11 07:16 PM