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these are the bestest things ever. the puzzle pack comes with 4 cutters for different puzzle shapes and we also have the critters which are dolphins, elephant, dog and butterfly. i was lucky enough to score a prototype of one of the continent cutters she is putting out too - we have Australia (where we live) and my world-obsessed son has never been so excited about sandwiches!

Lunch Punch Match Munch | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
4/3/10 05:24 AM

thanks emal! I'm not sure of the name but the carpet is a light beige colour. very neutral!

teacup1 - thank you! the dresser had a quick makeover after my daughter pulled the wallpaper off the front of it, so the striped sides and white front with fabric knobs is the current version (for now. the poor old fabric is also on its way out so will have to find some new handles!)

mrskirby - ta! the artwork is by Belle & Boo and Studio Mela - there are links at the end of the interview, above.

thank you all! x

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4/3/10 05:18 AM

thanks all!

melanie, the birdhouse is from a cheapie shop in Australia called House 2 Home. It was less than $5!

Scribbleoneverything: yes, it's an old artist's canvas painted in chalkboard paint and i drew my silhouette on it.

Layla's Small-but-Stylish Aviary Kids Room Tour | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/22/10 04:11 PM

oh goodness, sorry this is such a late reply! thanks guys! the window stencil is Mokko pattern by Stencil Gallery. It's an Australian store, but they might ship overseas. Website is

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Nursery Tour: Belinda's Shared Nursery/Bedroom
10/3/08 06:31 PM

Hey guys - I was so thrilled to see my son's room on here. Ohdeedoh is one of my fave sites. Am currently attempting to finish off a new combined master bedroom/nursery for our new baby, due early June, so stay tuned for (hopefully) more ideas!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look! Black and White in the Nursery#comments
3/28/08 01:03 PM

so hard to choose a fave, but the rhino cushion would easily replace my son's monkey toy as fave sleeping partner so I'd have to choose that. Plus, I'd be happy to have it propped up against the couch's armrest! Am devastated US Target doesn't ship to Australia...

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2/21/08 01:00 PM