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i made a killer "fuzzy navel" upside down cake - peaches and pine nuts spiked with ginger and cardamom with an orange-scented cake. and i'm not embarrassed to say that i ate most of it myself over the course of the weekend!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Open Thread 154
5/19/08 07:38 AM

scones and cream, or shortbread. it's the only way.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Mystic Garden Tea Set from Yedi
5/16/08 06:54 AM

ditto to all the herb questions above, plus the crop rotation question.

i'd also be interested in learning about what veggie plants can be grown in containers with decent results. i have limited space for planting in the ground, but really want to grow more of my own veggies.

i put out my lettuce, string beans, tomatoes, chiles and herb garden, and i'm so excited!

michelle @ thursday night smackdown

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | May is Garden Month at The Kitchn
5/2/08 06:46 AM

i *love* these wines with cheese or dessert. my favorite is hopler's noble reserve. i think it may be made with riesling grapes that have gone to rot? it's lush and complex and unfolds beautifully on the palate.

i enjoy ice wines as well. those are a little different; they're make from grapes which have been allowed to shrivel and freeze on the vine. inskillin (sp?) makes excellent ones.


- michelle @

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Word of Mouth: Noble Rot
5/1/08 07:53 AM

i love my kitchenaid dearly, but i tend to do smaller batches of things by hand (whipping a few eggs whites or a small amount of cream).

the food processor i only use when i really need to pulverize something to death. i love the action and satisfaction of chopping and dicing with a good knife too much. and i really need to get a mezzaluna.

-michelle @

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Stand Mixer vs. Arm Muscle: Do You Mix by Hand?
4/30/08 09:48 AM

my current favorite is orzo, peas, ham or bacon and goat cheese, with a little lemon zest. it comes together in 2 minutes and makes great leftovers. if i'm feeling frisky, i might put a poached egg on top.

you can see it here (sans egg):

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Italian Template Recipe: Pasta, Meat, Greens and Cheese
4/30/08 09:40 AM

dammit...i really wanted to score some ramps this saturday, so i guess i'm getting up earlier than i'd like. on the plus side, maybe i'll get there before the fish guy i like sells out of all the good stuff.

i'll also be on the lookout for rhubarb and ronnybrook.

i love ronnybrook.

- michelle @

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | What Time Do You Get to the Farmer's Market?
4/30/08 09:36 AM