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if it were me i would: repaint the walls a light neutral color, swap out the rug for a bolder, more graphic one, reupholster the current striped sofa and one armchair with a neutral colored fabric, get rid of the other armchair (whichever you like least) move the yellow sofa to the bedroom, keep the sofa and side table as it is, move the armchair to the bay window, put some curtains up, get a cabinet for the tv and media storage, move the ghost chair along a wall as a more decorative piece and for extra seating, try to find an eames lounge chair via craigslist or ebay, then keep or buy fun pillows and lights to finish the room. good luck!

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5/1/08 09:29 AM

ha ha, "tarjay". i've never heard anyone here in canada say that.

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4/9/08 03:53 PM


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3/26/08 09:14 AM

cinema - the shower curtain is two regular ikea liners that i cut to fit at the bottom. i wanted to show off the tub and keep the room open so that's why i went for the clear curtain, although maybe an upgrade to a better quality is in order - thanks sherry2! :) and the peach/green paint color combo is a color story that runs through the house (peach on walls and green on trim) to lighten up the wood floors so i think i will work with it for now although it does break things up.

i'm getting out my poster tack and am going to try some different combos before deciding on framing (or hanging from the picture rail - hadn't though of that!).

thanks again everyone!

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3/24/08 05:18 PM

thanks for the quick feedback! the prints are pretty standard/cheap so i'm not too worried about damaging them. i feel like the wall needs something there. the only thing is that one of the prints is quite large and the others small. i do like the idea of running them along the right wall and continuing around the corner though. maybe i'll try the small ones on the right wall and the large one on the wall in between the toilet and the towel bar.

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3/24/08 11:42 AM

i agree - great bathroom but the curtains gotta go.

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3/7/08 03:19 PM

i love the idea of using vitra's utensilo in the bathroom. it's also featured in house & home this month in black with chanel makeup and looks amazing.

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3/5/08 08:55 AM

for an affordable option, i second the room & board jake chair. i know the objections to a cheaper option of a designer piece but i think the curvy shapes would go well together.

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3/4/08 04:23 PM

i agree with the other comments in terms of larger rug & lucite table and i think the space is looking great. however there are just a couple of things i would change around to see if it would work better: move the plant to the floor and put the magazine basket on the tray, ditch the lights on the tray, switch the mirrors to add more interest to the right wall, or find some art work to put up, buy a larger similar patterned rug from ikea {that beige carpet needs to be covered up!} and then the cb2 table. good luck & thanks for sharing!

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2/29/08 10:39 AM

how kitsch/cute is the big love spoon by alessi?

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2/27/08 04:21 PM

there is literally amazing design EVERYWHERE in copenhagen.

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2/27/08 03:47 PM

is the floor lamp also from west elm? i can't find it on the website.

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2/26/08 09:37 AM

color & subject.

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2/25/08 03:34 PM

this is so amazing! my dream house...

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2/20/08 03:31 PM