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Can anyone source the day bed in the play room? Looks like a trundle...

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8/20/09 09:12 PM


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We shared a duplex with these overbearing neighbors who thought they owned the backyard. They peppered it with picnic table, fire pit, lounge chairs, herb garden and never put things away. They also had a pet dog but never cleaned after her poop. And they would always mock the fact that we never came outside but were blissfully unaware that they were the reason why.

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6/3/09 05:41 PM

Where is that candelabra in the fire place from? Super cute.

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3/19/09 05:53 PM

Here's the Gwyneth and her Apple in cute pink headphones.


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1/14/09 04:08 PM

Thanks, everyone! We thought about a hotel but we rarely get to see them and wanted to share our day to day with them. We're axing the trundle bed and will look into finding a good sofa bed so any of your thoughts are welcome.

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1/14/09 03:48 PM

I am a landlord and I find my tenants to be immature and the situation problematic when they go on their do it yourself kicks and end up with half-a**ed work; such unpleasant surprises I've seen, walls in sunny yellow and kelly green usually result in stained moulding and ceiling, that 'totally portable' AC is not so and is heavy enough to damage the window frame, Ikea shelves that leave behind potholes, etc. That being said, some have made brilliant suggestions that we have loved to implement. So always ask permission! It's a home being lent to you!

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12/4/08 07:18 PM

Where is the lovely green day bed from?

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11/13/08 07:26 PM

We have a PEVA world map curtain from Izola that we love. But this freaks me out. Does anyone know of cute cotton/canvas alternatives?

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6/17/08 08:42 AM

Raikenn, where is that desk from, please? Thank you.

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4/14/08 10:03 AM

Where are the dining room candlesticks from? Please and thank you.

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