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Gorgeous and warm! I'm stealing the idea of taping photos to a brick wall!

Jose & Oliver's Lofty Living in London House Tour
5/19/14 04:39 PM

Thanks so much, Andrea!

Katie's Colorful Live/Work Space in Brooklyn House Tour
5/19/14 11:44 AM

Your apartment is so beautiful and fun! I adore the purple in the hallway. I didn't see the living room paint color listed - would you mind sharing? I think it would be perfect for my bedroom!

Katie's Colorful Live/Work Space in Brooklyn House Tour
5/19/14 10:23 AM

Another boob-hater here! After endless online searching for something reasonably priced I ordered a simple, white square cover from Amazon:


It's not as hideous as the boob but it's is still incredibly boring! While I'm normally not a DIY person, I have a desperate urge to spruce this cover up somehow. Has anyone thought about ways of making it look better - maybe somehow adding crystals or something else to make it a little cooler? Not even sure how I could attach them (and I obviously don't want to add anything that will catch on fire) but any ideas would be greatly appreciated....

Do Non-Hideous Flush Mount Lights Exist?
Good Questions

10/21/13 05:08 PM