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I swear some of us are polite smokers...really I do. I tell my neighbors upstairs (who are friends of mine) to let me know if the smoke is bothering them, I don't smoke around children, etc. We're not all bad. :)

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 04:25 PM

Let's see....the worst was when we had prostitutes living two doors down from us in an apartment complex. As a smoker, I'd go out on the front deck in the morning to partake in my nasty habit only to see a car parked out front where NASTIER habits were happening in full view. We also lived above a meth lab, I later found out after the massive dumpster fire.

Currently, we live in a bottom floor apartment which is halfway in the ground, and there are two floors above. The people on the top floor are not only loud to the point we can hear them in OUR apartment, but also like to sit outside, chain smoke and SPIT over the railing. I will be outside on my patio and hear smack...smack...smack right in front of my face on the ledge. They have almost spit on friends of mine who have been talking to me standing in the grass multiple times. It is flat out disgusting!

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 04:14 PM

Adding cold wine to hot oil without turning down the heat....luckily in my tiny apartment the sink is directly across from the stove so I could immediately put my spattered face under the running faucet while at the same time removing the pan from the element. I'm sure I looked very amusing stretched across my kitchen like that. Sometimes small apartments are a good thing!

Kitchen Accidents: What Lessons Have You Learned?
5/20/11 05:46 PM

I saw these at our local grocery store last week and was curious about them. Now I can't wait to try them! Thanks for the post!

New: Skillet Sauces From Frontera & Rick Bayless
4/29/11 02:34 PM