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Very nice place Christina. Looks like you got it pretty much covered.

Christina's Exclusively Second Hand Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 01:10 PM

I like routine. It keeps me sane. I like knowing what's on my agenda for the day.

Do You Thrive on Routine?
5/16/14 04:18 PM

I'm just grateful to have a home. I try to keep my apartment very clean, but, I'm not perfect. People may see some dust, but homes get dusty because humans are dusty. What I have a problem with is filth and odors. That is unnecessary.

Stop Worrying: 7 Things About Your Home That Aren't a Big Deal
5/15/14 01:13 PM

Garbage goes out just about every day, especially in summer. Make sure bathroom is clean and bed is made. Dust furniture about every other day. Vacuuming and mopping - I don't have to do as often as I live alone and don't wear street shoes in the house.

5 Chores You Can Skip When You're Busy
5/15/14 12:10 PM

Rinsing tub and wiping wall surround; washing any dishes used in the morning; take out garbage (don't want nasty surprises in the hot summer); straightening up bed (or futon). Those are on my daily morning must do list.

5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You're Busy)
5/15/14 11:57 AM

Soaps and lotions and car washes. I may be on a financial tight, but my car and I are going to look and smell good when you see us.

Tell Us: What Do You Splurge on Even When You're Scrimping?
5/15/14 11:00 AM

Absolute necessities:
Loved Ones are a given(by phone, my family is out-of-state)
All my bedding, all of it (Quilts, sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.,etc.)
My Bible and Bible study aids
My Soaps and Lotions
Towels and face cloths
My futon
My rugs
My fans
My TV and Movies
My Cellphone.
Toilet paper
In the event of a natural disaster, oh well, I'll be happy to survive (food and water will help)

What Are the Most Indispensable Items In Your Home?
5/14/14 04:42 PM

One more thing: A good quality toaster, if you have kiddies that like toast, eggos, and such, you need a good quality toaster. Couple other things: good sheets and good towels are a must. Let's keep it rolling: good flatware should not be underestimated, there's nothing more irritating than eating with a cheap fork or spoon that bends.

Worthy Splurge: 5 Things That Are Never Worth Skimping On
5/14/14 04:18 PM

Therese Z, I like that suggestion. Stapled shut means not going back in that bag. I like the little bag in the big bag idea.

The Shopping Bag Method for Staying Clutter-Free
5/9/14 05:20 PM

This should be helpful to those who are looking for tips on saving, but frivolity is not always necessarily the provenance of money troubles, things happen (no raise, cost of living spiking, one paycheck-many needs, yes needs). Let's always remember that. Assuming one was frivolous with money is insulting to those who are really trying to readjust to things not always of their control.

100+ Tips for Frugal Living: How to Get Thrifty and Save Money
5/8/14 10:42 AM

I live in a solid, clean, relatively safe, although plain building. The neighborhood is working class, but fairly clean. In other words people still care. But that is about as "sketchy" as I go. I will not live in a dirty, unsafe building. It's too emotionally draining and depressing. I'd rather live in a place the size of a closet in a nice neighborhood, than something spaceous in a dumpy and dangerous "hood".

Nice Apartment, Nasty Building: Is it Worth It?
5/7/14 03:52 PM

I don't like to hurt people's feelings when they give me things, but if I don't have room, I try to say so in the most gentlest way possible. I can't clutter up my home with too much stuff.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
5/6/14 05:42 PM

I can't afford antiques, too broke, I purchased a vintage coffee table from canada for $100.00, a maybe antique dresser (that joker sure is heavy) for $105.00 and a harp table for $73.00. That's it.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on an Antique?
5/6/14 04:58 PM

I like cozy, but definitely not clutter (too disorganized). I like my books, movies and music, but there are places in my home where these things are stored neatly and attractively. Minimalism is fine for those who like that sort of thing, but I echo the sentiments of the many commenters who said that they want a warm comforting home, because that's me too.

Minimal vs. Cozy: Which is More \"You\"?
4/25/14 02:27 PM

When people walk in my house, they usually comment on how tastefully decorated and clean it is. I've even had a friend freak out, because she knew me for many, many years and know where I come from. That makes me feel so good.

What Surprises People the Most About Your Home? Reader Survey
3/27/14 02:46 PM

I just remember to be grateful that I have a home, period. But, when I do get wistful, I remember the pleasant reactions of those who see my home for the first time and I feel better. Does it all the time.

Positive Thinking: Try This When You Feel Down About Your Home
3/5/14 02:09 PM

My apartment is a square box, but I love it because it's all mine. I come to really appreciate it for the solid and sturdy place that it is.

What Do You Love About Your Home?
2/24/14 04:32 PM

Love your home Rebecca and Dustin. While you do have quite a few things, it seems you have a handle on it and have mastered the art of storing tastefully. You did a nice job in putting your home together, I enjoyed the tour. Thanks,

Rebecca & Dustin's \"Screw Convention\" Re-Invented Mobile Home House Tour
2/12/14 03:53 PM

I agree with actuallycallie, there should be more content on apartment living. While, I don't begrudge homeowners sharing ideas (some ideas are very helpful and nice to look at), there should more content for us regular apartment dwellers. Thanks :)

Renter's Solutions: Working With Whatever Wall Color You've Got
2/6/14 05:52 PM

Assuming there was power, heat, and food, I could stay in the house 3 days. After the fourth day, I would start getting stir-crazy and would just have to go somewhere, anywhere. But if I had to stay in longer, I would just have to deal, I have movies galore, music aplenty and studying that I should be doing.

How Long Could You Go Without Leaving The House?
1/31/14 11:41 AM