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What an appropriate name! :)

Thanks a lot for the swift answer. I never would have found it without your help. Next step will be a visit to the local official dealer. Exciting...

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7/23/11 06:06 AM

Another good one is http://www.clickforart.com/. They are based in Britain but ship international. Besides prints and canvases they also sell various other products. All with artwork from young international artists. All prints are limited editions.

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6/22/11 04:53 AM

These cookies are called kano's (oval shape) or rondo's (round shape) in dutch. I found this recipe that might be helpful. It's in dutch, but readable through google translate.


The recipe cookingbooks found is slightly different in that it uses more spices. Gevuld speculaas is mainly eaten at the end of the year, around the Sinterklaas holiday (dec. 5th).

I hope the recipe provides the taste you remember!

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4/29/11 09:59 AM