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Fun fun fun!!! Love the bright colors and textiles used. This place has personality!

Caro & Josh's Colorful & Quirky English Home House Tour
7/23/14 02:51 PM

I want to see the counter tops too!...mainly because I'm considering doing the same thing in my kitchen. For primer, my favorite is Zinsser Bulls eye 123 primer. I did my laminate kitchen cabinets with that, and it really worked great..and I didn't even have to sand them!

Renovation Awards: Tess's Favorite (& Not-So-Favorite) Products
7/22/14 04:31 PM

Stuff normally gets hauled to Goodwill later that day.

After the Garage Sale: What to Do With What Didn't Sell Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/21/14 01:10 PM

I appreciate that much of the original furniture was included as part of the design. Really looks great! Love the colors used.

Rich Textiles in Russian Hill Professional Project
7/21/14 12:55 PM

Wow! I'm blown away by the beauty of this home! By the way...really love the ceiling fan in the bedroom...very unique, looks like an old propeller from an airplane.

Lee & Thor's Dynamic Domicile House Tour
7/16/14 01:24 PM

Wow, everyone is stating the number of years they have lived without a microwave as if its a contest or some badge of honor....its just a kitchen appliance! I know that I cannot live without mine. I mainly use it for defrosting or heating up leftovers.

How I Replaced My Microwave Without Buying a New One
7/16/14 01:16 PM

Even though I'm not a big fan of painted furniture, this is really awesome!

Before & After: An Auction Gem Gets Glam
7/16/14 01:06 PM

Lovely colorful home! When can I move in?!! ;)

The Pineapple Housewife's Happy Home House Tour
7/10/14 12:56 PM

My favorite go-to items are the Masala Burgers, Palak Paneer (the frozen kind, NOT the shelf stable version), the orange chicken, and my all time new favorite item...the seaweed snacks with a hint of wasabi.

17 Favorite Trader Joe's Products That Our Readers Love The Kitchn Goes Grocery Shopping
7/9/14 05:17 PM

Thanks for featuring the guys! These were some of my favorite house tours!

Singular Style: Inspirational House Tours from Men Living on Their Own
7/8/14 08:56 PM

Wow! This was way better than what I expected! Genius!

Can You Guess What Secret this DIY Mirror is Hiding? Home Story
7/8/14 08:52 PM

This is incredibly light and beautiful. Love the color scheme, but my favorite element has to be the navy blue walls! It really makes the white furniture stand out. Also love your distressed cabinet, it is a thing of is Aaron! ;)

Beth's New-Meets-Old Beach Cottage Inspired Bungalow House Tour
7/8/14 08:51 PM

I don't think you need to necessarily paint. Some colorful pillows and an accent rug and artwork would really help to brighten things up.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Suggestions For Dark Living Room? Good Questions
7/8/14 09:51 AM

Um, who has closets like this? Mine are always jam packed with stuff! Even the before looks kind of sparse!

Before & After: DIY Coat Closet Makeover Classy Clutter
7/8/14 09:49 AM

Stunning! Love everything about this home! This is howI would love my home to look like one day! The dogs are adorable too, and only add to the charm of your home!

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/8/14 09:46 AM

Really digging the Painted headboard idea. Not so crazy about the yarn banner...all I can think about is the dust it will accumulate!

The stretched shower curtain comments are hilarious!

Creating a Home: 15 Ideas for Making & Displaying Art Renters Solutions
7/7/14 04:27 PM

Gorgeous! Want to see more!

Janine's Beautiful Baltimore Home House Call
7/3/14 09:12 AM

Is this a joke?

Amp Up The Ice in Your Jewelry This Summer
7/3/14 09:09 AM

Looks pretty, but I couldn't live with this set up. The chairs look awkward sitting in the middle of the room like that. Plus it would bug me if I had to move those chairs around all the time. If I had this place I would at least move the sofa to face the TV, if there was room to do that, or place it on an angle so that you are sort of facing it. I don't know why everyone has to have these places that are over-styled and non-functional. If you own a TV...then you obviously watch TV! So why not have the comfortable furniture facing it?

What Makes It Work: A Seriously Stylish Studio Apartment Tom Delavan
7/2/14 12:28 PM

Sorry not a fan of cinderblocks as furniture.

10 Ways to Make Cinderblock Furniture (That Doesn't Look Totally Terrible)
6/30/14 10:43 PM