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Totally in love with the house, the interiors and overall design!!

dmh & mouracs: you have to take into effect that the photos are of a home that has been staged for sale. Once the new lucky owners move in, I'm sure that the home will not feel as sterile and cold as it does to you; although I personally love it just as is!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | H House by Group 41
6/3/09 09:36 PM

Is that small sphere to the left of the laptop a light? Where can I find it?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Mixed-Use Apartment Living
4/27/09 02:31 PM

Ikea also has the ÄNGA system available...

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Combination Dresser & Bookshelf?
2/23/09 08:35 PM

I beleive that your landlord is required to provide blinds. You might want to double check with the San Francisco Tenants Union www.sftu.org
You might be stuck with what ever you landlord decides, or you might be able to work with him to get something that you like...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Coverage Options for Wall of Windows?
2/4/09 02:28 PM

Seriously! My home is my space to do with what I want and displsy on it what I want. Period.
Now, I don't have tons of pictures of family and friends out and about, but I do have some pictures of trips or vacations out so that I can see them and go don memory lane if you will.
And funny enough, when ever people come and visit, these pictures are the ones that people start converstaions on. And as for friends, they are the ones that are always vying to have their pictures up and on display.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Family Pictures: Private Moments on Display
10/27/08 09:06 AM

Current fav: Chicago
Childhood fav: Sound of Music!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Thursday Giveaway: Orb Mod1 Plus System Giveaway
10/17/08 02:57 PM

Streamline is my passion...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Sanford Burrows Sham SetLos Angeles
9/26/08 11:37 AM

pants, suit jackets, ties, curtains... you name it!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Rowenta IS1430 1400-Watt Pro Compact Steamer Los Angeles
9/12/08 11:32 AM

Crazy chocolate cake - has vinegar, water & oils as ingredients! 4 Reals!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Dinosaur Soup by Bob's Your Uncle
9/12/08 11:31 AM

please, pretty please!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: DC-24 Dyson Stowaway Vacuum
9/12/08 08:54 AM

a big, thick and juicy New York Strip!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Lodge Pro Logic Square Grill Pan
8/2/08 09:42 AM

me, me, me!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Flokati Rug from Rugs USA
5/29/08 02:29 PM

I'd LOVE a copy!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Thursday Giveaway: Autographed AT Presents Book
5/9/08 11:30 AM

this will come in so handy!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Thursday Giveaway: Gift Card from Imagekind
5/2/08 12:48 PM

Our closet needs some serious help!! please!

Apartment Therapy New York | Friday Giveaway: New Closets from Astech Closet
4/4/08 12:16 PM


2 king size pillows
3 standard pillows
3 decorative

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Reader Survey: How Many Pillows Are On Your Bed?
4/2/08 03:46 PM

I put a vacation hold on mail; suspend paper deilvery (i have it re-started the day before I get back, so I can catch up on the local news); if it's a long trip I put the water heater on vacation mode; make sure there is room on TIVO for my must-see-TV, clean, fold & put away all laundry, turn off computer and other electronics....

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Cleaning Before a Trip
3/26/08 02:23 PM

would live one of these!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Thursday Giveaway: Krups Panini Maker
2/29/08 10:07 AM

Orange has become my new favotite color in the last couple months....

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Agean Vase & Duffle from Belongings
2/29/08 10:06 AM