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Sounds intriguing, but even without the extra steps, homemade pumpkin pie is leagues better than store-bought.

One variation I like is to substitute a good eggnog for the milk/cream/evaporated milk.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipes from The Kitchn
11/22/13 01:18 PM

I made this one the other day since I had a package of gnocchi I needed to use and it was surprisingly good:

Beyond Chicken Noodle: 10 Warming Chicken Soups
1/5/13 07:25 PM

@caseoftornados -- is it possible that your oven runs hot? Or that you're using a convection oven?

Thirty to forty minutes at 350 in my oven (standard oven which runs pretty true to temperature) wouldn't be anywhere near enough to bake a pumpkin pie. (For a standard pastry crust, I bake for 15 minutes at 425 and then 45-50 minutes at 350 and my pumpkin pies never crack.)

Recipe: Ginger Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crust Recipes from The Kitchn
11/12/12 03:40 PM

"@mdorothy and @ADonuts have to be some of the rudest, most judgemental commenters I've ever need for your nasty, psuedo psychological comments"

And making a statement like that _isn't_ rude and judgmental? Seriously?

I'm sorry if I derailed the conversation in any way by making an assumption about the temporary status of the rental -- demographically speaking, most women living with a boyfriend in his parents' property would be quite young and starting out in life -- but if the landlord says no wallpaper, that should mean no wallpaper.

If you're in a rental by choice, you'll have to make some trade-offs. No wallpaper for example. If those trade-offs are a deal-breaker, if you can't live without your arsenic green wallpaper, then you should look at owning your own home.

And of course there are also trade-offs associated with home-ownership.

From the original question:

"Or, failing that, any good ideas for convincing apartment owners that permanent wallpaper really isn't such a terrible idea?"

Evidently not. I haven't seen one good suggestion in this whole thread.

How Can I Hang Regular Wallpaper in a Temporary Way? Good Questions
10/20/12 01:56 PM

The glasses look nice and have a good reputation, but many reviews on W-S (c. 2010) say that they tend to chip at the rim. Does anyone have experience with recently manufactured glasses?

Petite Picardie Glasses: Perfect for Tiny Hands
10/15/12 09:26 AM

Let me be the first to say that that chair is horrible.

Paintball Drip Chair From Broyhill High Point Market Fall 2012
10/13/12 03:19 PM

That rope wall is scary. Absolutely not child proof.

Something Safe but Stylish for Childproofing? Good Questions
10/8/12 04:34 PM

I agree with suzee. Move the couch.

Something Safe but Stylish for Childproofing? Good Questions
10/8/12 04:28 PM

I've been using the overnight stove-top method for years, like several have already mentioned. It works for steel cut oats and cracked wheat.

This makes four servings:

The night before you want the cereal, boil three cups of water (my husband prefers 3-1/2) with a quarter or half-teaspoon salt.

When the water comes to a boil, add a cup of steel cut oats or cracked wheat.

Cover the pot and remove from the heat. Leave overnight.

In the morning scoop some oats into a microwaveable bowl and heat in the microwave for about a minute. You can also eat them cold with yogurt (homemade Greek yogurt if you have it) and fruit. Store leftovers in the fridge and eat within a week.

I like steel cut oats and cracked wheat, but my favorite right now is Scottish oatmeal (porridge). I usually cook that using the microwave directions on the back of the package:

Slow and Easy: How to Cook Perfect Steel-Cut Oats
9/10/12 08:35 AM

Yes, the FDA says to refrigerate eggs. So does Egg Farmers of Alberta:

Is Refrigerating Eggs Necessary?
9/6/12 04:49 PM

(Warning: for those of you with delicate minds, this comment has an "eww" factor.)

I'm glad someone else said it first: constipation is a very common problem after childbirth, so don't forget the fiber foods.

Comfort foods are well and good, but try to make sure the meal includes sufficient fiber for a new mother. Potato casseroles and pastas and white breads and sweets are well and good in their place, but if the new mother has an episiotomy or hemorrhoids or prolapse or any other similar side effect of pregnancy and childbirth, all the low-fiber foods will make a difficult situation just a little bit worse.

Don't go overboard on the fiber -- for someone who's not used to it in large amounts, it can be hard on the system, but do try to include several fiber-rich foods in a meal.

Some good sources: fruits including berries, oatmeal, popcorn, whole grain breads and muffins, barley, lentils, nuts, and veggies.

Instead of making another sweet, you could make a well-cut veggie tray with dip. There are some colorful and creative ideas here:

What Good Meals to Bring to a New Mom? 10 Recipe Ideas
9/4/12 08:50 AM

Another no vote. Like 1952ranch said, home should be a warm, comforting place for children.

Keane Kids For Kids?
8/30/12 10:31 PM

Census figures show divorce rates decreasing rather dramatically over the past couple of decades.

Modern Matrimony: Who Benefits the Most?
8/15/12 11:53 AM

That layout is an improvement, including the use of the closet area for cupboards. The emphasis on the vertical space is a great improvement. It is much calmer than the previous space, and when you're working with the tasks of food preparation and storage, it's better to have a calming space (new kitchen) than a frantic one (previous kitchen layout and design).

I do, however, have one question. Where does the broom go? (Mop, vacuum, etc.) I've been looking at house plans and am surprised by how many do not have room for the storage of basic household necessities like that. Do the people who design houses not actually live in houses? Is there still a tradition of men designing houses with little regard to the traditional female responsibilities of caring for the home and the needs associated with cooking, house cleaning, laundry, child care, etc.? The kitchen triangle (which was developed by a woman) is in general use, but that is an exception to many common-sense advances in efficiency that should be incorporated into good home and appliance design.

Before & After: Frank's Dramatic Ikea Kitchen Remodel
7/27/12 01:29 PM

Removed the green and maroon? Good move.

Replacing with crisp gray? To make it look like a prison?

I like the suggestions to do wall art with the numbers, or a decorative plaque, but that would depend on how much time, energy, and/or money you have.

Where Can I Find (Good Looking) Interior Door Numbers and Letters for My Co-op? Good Questions
7/18/12 07:12 AM

I've been looking for some yard furniture for a very shady location, and I'm not interested in wood, because all the wood products in our back yard tend to decay pretty quickly, so I've looked a number of times at plastic wood furniture, but the price point is simply too high.

By the Yard: American-Made
Outdoor Furniture & Accessories
Store Profile

7/16/12 01:42 PM

I'll second the suggestion for floorplanner dot com. That helped me solve the problem of a narrow, fairly small, high-use room with large doors on two walls, a huge, ungainly fireplace and two windows on the third wall, and a strangely placed door on the fourth wall.

It took awhile to come up with something that worked with the traffic flow and actual use of the room, but it was a lot easier to use the computer program than to go out and buy a new sofa and then find that it didn't work in the room.

10 Ways to Furnish & Layout
100 Square Feet

7/1/12 05:38 AM

Yet another vote for keeping that green wallpaper if it's in fine shape.

Thanks for sharing this project -- it's fascinating to see the house and your changes.

Big Cottage Reno:
Stripping Down and Painting

6/12/12 04:58 PM

Super cool! How do you find a spray top that fits? Are they made in standard sizes? Is it food safe? Does it clog?

The Sprayracha: DIY Sriracha Mist You Have To Try Reddit
6/1/12 09:17 AM


Before & After: Vintage Airstream Trailer "Runaround Sue" Gets an Eco-Rehab
5/23/12 12:23 PM