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Thank you for the kind comments. I agree the rug has to go, not sure of the chairs designer(another eBay buy), no the Adler vase isn't for sale(Xmas gift from my wife) the large painting is by a polish artist named umiastowsky, his paintings make us happy.

Laurence & Beth's "Excitingly Calm" Room
11/4/11 01:20 PM


Laurence & Beth's "Excitingly Calm" Room
11/3/11 10:24 AM

as i said, must get boring designing for u.s. consumers

Top Kitchen & Bathroom Trends at KBIS 2011
4/28/11 04:07 PM

same old same old every year. i almost feel sorry for the design staff at u.s. kitchen and bathroom manufacturers. it's got to be frustrating trying to appeal to the u.s. consumer who is afraid of being too modern, by endlessly producing boring "contemporary" and "transitional" pieces that looks no different than the familiar and safe.

Top Kitchen & Bathroom Trends at KBIS 2011
4/28/11 03:43 PM