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I'll attempt to answer the current comments and questions:

1) After this shoot lighting got rearranged. The dining room pendant has come down-- it's available. I refurbish clocks and lighting and sell directly or occasionally on ebay, under "modspell."

2) True-- it is a lot more "60s" than the 60s! Most home owners from the time had a mish-mash of things, just like we all do now. I attempted to keep it disciplined to the decade, with a few exceptions, like the 1975 Zenith TV (which I do use, thank you), a few '50's lamps and art pieces. I do keep a home office PC in the closet, but there are no secret big screen TVs or home theater systems.

3) The wall paper is a currently-available grass cloth from ebay seller "bestwalls14." At least she had plenty when I bought this last year. It transformed the rooms where I used it. I have used grass cloth in every property we've had. It's a great cover-up!

4) The Mondrian wall clocks are circa 1960 from Sunbeam. They are getting hard to find, and often bring upwards of $300-500 on ebay. I may have one available soon.

5) Shag was an early inspiration for me. But he has never accepted my party invitations... money has made a diva out of him ;') But yes, the front door tiki is a treasure, my favorite item here. It's from Oceanic Arts in Whittier, with my brand of finish.

6) That cat is a fraud/fake/set piece. You really think I'd let an animal on those Seligs? :) OK, I would for the right cat.

7) The green bedroom color is "Luminaria" by Martha Stewart... a fantastic shade.

8) Rob and Laura live next door-- we're that other couple on the show, you know, the dentist?

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