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I think it is totally OK to answer a phone which does not belong to you. I answer close friends phones, and my family's phones all the time when I know the person calling and they are busy, or if they are driving. They normally ask though. I have also had other people answer their phones when I call. I have also answered peoples phones when someone I don't know calls when asked and they they have asked me to this is often when we are organising a big event and people call with questions which I can also answer.

Do You Answer the Phone at Someone Else's Home?
4/5/12 08:18 PM

I loved when my brother was trying to make me jealous of his new iPhone 4s. He was demonstrating how awesome siri is by trying to get it to send me a text message. 5 tries later it worked, with incorrect dictation. Then he tried to get it to open an app and it wouldn't ... I think I will stick with my android phone.

I get it is in beta but if it is not ready why release it to the public why not keep it developers only for the mean time?

Why iPhone 4S Siri-ously Doesn't Live Up to the Hype
10/28/11 02:44 AM

That is beautiful

Maegan's Unabashedly Feminine Home Office
Tech Tour

8/24/11 08:21 PM

I remember most of these things, I am only 20 though...

"You Know You're Old When..." Tech Edition
8/19/11 07:21 PM

Best way to beat boredom on the train if you have a longer journey is watch videos on your phone or iPod. I have been watching Doctor who to and from uni for the last few weeks and I am up to season 3.

6 Ways to Beat Commuter Boredom Syndrome
8/5/11 12:26 AM

This makes me happy considering half the things i pin on pinterest is from this website :)

Unplggd Is Now Over at Pinterest
6/30/11 04:37 AM