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Oh hunnie I am right there right now! I just moved from a one room effiiency in my grandparent's basement to a two bed townhouse. My cats and I can't BELIEVE the room! I felt so over whelmed after I first got all my stuff over here because it was piled in the living room/dinning room.It wasn't until I got the idea to finish one room at a time did things starting turing around. I got my kitchen and bath (most of the way, I just need to find some cheap but nice hardware) finished first because those are the two most important I think. This is also helping my budget because I take my spending allowance from each pay check and lump it into one room instead of trying to buy a little for each room. It has really helped me stay motivated and focused. I am pleased to say I only have the two bedrooms and my padio left; all closets, storage, livingroom, kitchen, and bath are finished!

On Why My Large Space Makes Me Feel Lazy
4/27/11 10:25 PM