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I'm an avid Etsy shopper and have luckily never had a problem. I don't purchase things that I consider "risky" like clothing, shoes, food or any custom. If I were to purchase a custom item I would make sure the seller would send me updated pictures of the item in progress. I also stick to the old adage "if it seems to good to be true then it probably is".

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7/23/11 04:26 PM

I bought a similar crib:
Munire Morgan crib

Good luck with your hunt!

Can Anyone Identify this Crib?
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6/2/11 09:59 PM

Any news on the floor lamp? I have googled key words I thought might pull up something...'chandelier floor lamp, crystal floor lamp, chandelier drum shade, crystal chandelier floor lamp, etc...' nothing came up that was even similar. I think someone said it earlier that Candice Olson used a similar lamp in her show. I can't remember the show but it you go to it has all of the episodes plus a supplier list.

If anyone does know please post it or email me.

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2/26/08 09:44 PM

I would mirror the back wall and add glass shelves (also recommended above). Have you seen Divine Design- Candice Olson does that a lot with a display space.

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2/20/08 09:59 AM

No fair! I didn't get a long weekend. I did make a list 3 pages long of projects I would like to accomplish. I was all motivated until I looked at the mess in my office and ultimately ended up closed the door. I'm not ready to tackle that one.

Can anyone recommend any nice/aesthetically pleasing storage boxes with lids that aren't too expensive? I'm thinking they need to be slightly bigger than a photo box. Thanks!

This weekend is my project weekend. My mother- queen of demolition and all things decorating is coming up to stay. We are painting the walls a beautiful grey/taupe color. It's the 2nd grey I have picked out (first was too white). I am in love with the platinum rug from Crate and Barrel. The wall color seems to go with the rug really well. Fingers crossed it's a winner. Maybe a trip to the fabric store to find drapery material. I found some great pottery barn dual drapery rods on ebay for about half of the original price.

Next weekend I tackle the tv entertainment center. My father is going to help me build a floating unit for the new flat panel- similar to the MASH studio wall mounted storage unit. I am tweaking the design and routing out interior space for sliding glass panels. I think while we are at it I might make new night stands similar to the ones at CB2- sleepy hollow storage shelf. Has anyone worked with bamboo veneer? I have a lot of experience with basswood/balsa wood/mat board but I have never worked with veneer.

Sorry for the long post- work procrastination. Good luck with all of the projects.

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2/20/08 09:47 AM

I love the shape of the flocked settee. I did some online investigating and found that The Company Store website has the same settee for $300 more than UO. They have about 20 custom shades but still why the high price? JC Penneys has a nice looking settee but I'm looking for armless and under $600. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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2/16/08 01:59 PM