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Recently I started renting a room from a friend of mine after moving out of a 850ish sqft 2 bedroom apartment I shared with my ex husband for a little over 3 years. While the house is much bigger space that is "mine" is a lot smaller. When moving time came there was a lot of decisions on what to take/leave. Since my friend was already well established in the house i tried not to let too much of my stuff flood into the common areas. In the old apartment I always felt overwhelmed by trying to keep things sorted out. I was notorious for just going to a different room and saying "I'll get to it later." In this smaller space it's so much easier to keep things organized & avoid being a pack rat. After finding apartment therapy and having an experience in a much smaller space I'm actually looking for a smaller living space when it's time to move on.

On Why My Large Space Makes Me Feel Lazy
4/27/11 05:56 PM