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Love the article Sarah! I'm not sure if it is big house syndrome or renovation syndrome. We've been renovating the house we moved into about a month ago. I'm what they would call a complete neat freak and am over the top organised. For example, I had a lady watching me sort my groceries onto the belt at the supermarket and she commented on how neat my pantries must look. But I don't know if it is the endless dust, the fact that we are living out of boxes and in a construction zone, or the fact that I am so tired after a days work and then whatever renovation work we do that evening, that I really don't care if the washing sits dry and in a basket in the spare room (that is temporarily our closet). Or the fact that I haven't vaccumed the house obsessively like I usually do. You might just have the renovation blues like me :-)
Have fun!

On Why My Large Space Makes Me Feel Lazy
4/27/11 05:50 PM