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Oh...a brandied cherry would be perfect in this.

Cocktail Recipe: The Kneecap Night Cap 10-Minute Happy Hour
2/8/14 01:29 AM

We weren't going to move into our house for a good month after we closed so we could replace flooring and have some repairs done, but we decided to celebrate closing day with a picnic brunch in the middle if our great room. We had a half bottle of champagne, some simple snacks and pastries. We sat down at one end of the room with the food, set out some toys and let our toddler enjoy the open space. Sadly, we left abruptly with a split lip after he tripped and fell. There were calls to the doctor and worries that stitches might be in order. He was ok (and was pretty happy that the doctor prescribed a popsicle with the Tylenol) but I hope we don't relive that moment at our first Housiversary.

The First Meal in a New Home
2/8/14 01:25 AM

I don't know that I've ever had shame, but I know I procrastinate because sometimes it seems like a hassle. That said, when I have lots of free time, I'm totally ready to stand in the return line. Just this morning, I returned $150 worth of merch. There was nothing wrong with any of it--it just turned out that I just didn't need as much shelving as I thought and the cute shirt I ordered online was less cute than expected when it arrived. Someone else will put these items to better use than I will, so why not return them?

Return Shame: You Either Have It or You Don't
1/24/14 04:01 PM

Unfortunately, I'm not loving the layout of the new redesign. I'm good with minimalist web design, but this is badly done--it feels cold and unwelcoming.

There are several problems that jump off the screen. Starting with the small problems, the fonts in the menu don't coordinate with the main body of the page. Plus, the color seems to have been drained out of the site--it lacks warmth and interest despite the photos in each post. The menus and ads crowd the blog content and the page is just too dense (it has no breathing space which is as important in web layout as it is in your home layout). However, what bothers me the most is that, visually, the blog content seems to have been reduced in order to make the ads become more of a focus--they're the first thing I notice when I open the site. I'm sure this makes your advertisers happy, but it's a major turn-off for me as a user.

I'm also sad to see that the names of each site have been changed. "Unplggd" and "Re-Nest" had grown to become more than just "Tech" or "DIY"; "OhDeeDoh" had a playfulness that "Family" lacks." Every home design site has the same old categories, but the fun names used to distinguish AT from the pack. For instance, "OhDeeDoh" is a name that is well-known by moms in my area (and generally used in a compliment such as "That's good enough to be on OhDeeDoh!"). While I realize you may want AT to be household name, it's a shame that you're throwing away what name recognition you're already achieved.

Regardless, with the current site design (names notwithstanding), I no longer feel compelled to check in (nearly) daily--I may only come back once or twice more to see if any improvements have made the site more welcoming.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/11/12 02:31 PM

*sigh* Of course, I ordered this highchair JUST last night. It's so pricey, but the reviews are wonderful and I love OXO so we bit the bullet and shelled out the moolah. Hope we love it $250 worth.

Win This Sprout Chair from OXO!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/13/11 06:25 PM

We did something similar to AmberM. When we went to our first OB appointment just before Christmas, our doctor performed a sonogram and gave us a copy. We asked if we could get extra copies, which he happily supplied. We framed the sonogram images with a little note saying "Merry Christmas, Grandma & Grandpa! Love Baby Smith." Our parents loved it and seeing them light up was the best part of our Christmas vacation.

Telling Your Family That You're Expecting
Hither and Tither

3/19/11 02:56 PM

Hah! The one with black bars reminds me of a circus cage.

Meet The Caravan Crib From Kalon Studios
11/26/10 05:17 PM

m1n4, I think that's a wonderful idea! I'm stealing it (once I have kids old enough for that project, that is).

An Easy Way to Revamp Your Dishes A Merry Mishap | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/15/10 02:49 PM

White plates aren't for everyone and good thing too--how boring would it be if everyone liked the same thing?

I think they're very sweet! If you go to her site, they also go well with the table linens she has. I'm assuming they played a part in inspiring the design. Good work, Jennifer!

An Easy Way to Revamp Your Dishes A Merry Mishap | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/21/10 03:07 PM

Wow, if you think any of those have too much booze, you'd say my husband and I are complete lushes. We use a secretary desk as our bar and it's more or less packed (it holds more than what you see in #8)...and that doesn't include my husband's wine collection. We have all the staples and a good selection of our personal favorites which allows us to always have the ability to make almost any drink a guest might want. Most of those bars don't work if you want more than a very limited offering.

I'd love #1 and disagree with it's being overstuffed, but that's a matter of taste. It's lovely and airy--makes me want to pour a glass of wine and snag a piece of that bread.

A Well Stocked Bar: Ideas and InspirationInside Man | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/16/10 04:41 PM

Just to clarify, I realize they're custom, but I want to know who made them.

An Airy Nursery for TripletsSF Designer Showcase | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/14/10 09:07 PM

Anyone have any idea where those chandeliers are from? I know I'm not the only one who would love to get one (or two, or three).

An Airy Nursery for TripletsSF Designer Showcase | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/14/10 09:03 PM

When my husband and I moved into our new house, we were driven nuts by the batteries dying in all the little appliances--the tankless water heater, the sump pump alarms (there were 3) and the worst of all: the smoke alarm. It's a system where all the alarms are wirelessly connected, so that if one goes off, they all go off. Which is nice. In theory.

After a couple of days in the house, the main alarm started beeping and telling us (it speaks) that the battery power was too low to connect with the other alarms. Fine, we changed the batteries. The next evening, the same warning. We went and bought new batteries, thinking that the ones we had used might be too old. The next morning, we were getting the same annoying beeping and message.
We were about to go nuts.

We finally disconnected the wireless feature. Finally, silence! They aren't connected to each other, but at least they still work individually.

The Mystery Beep | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/20/10 06:26 PM

I'm all for sitting on exercise balls (lots of people here use them), but this gadget has always puzzled me.The purpose of sitting on an exercise ball is that it makes your core muscles work harder to balance and not roll. The chair base helps stabilize the ball and defeats that purpose. At the very least, it lessens that benefit.

Exercise Balls: From The Gym To The Office | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/18/10 01:17 PM

I like the clean, open feel of the room in the after photos, but I have to agree with some people who think it's a bit too stark. I'd love to see the floors a darker wood (closer to the sides of the cabinet) but that's a major job. I was going to suggest pop of color, some simple window treatment and maybe a throw on the bed, but it seems that Hindsvik is on it! I'd love to see some "after-after" photos.

Mid-Century To Minimalist: Before After Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/4/10 05:57 PM

rmhct, you didn't dream that. It's called The Impossible Project. I believe they've made some positive progress.


In Honor Of Polaroid Week | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/3/10 09:32 PM

And if I'd read the comments more carefully, I'd see that the math question had been cleared up.

Frugal Tip: Buy Marble Slabs For Candy Making From Home Depot | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/28/10 02:31 PM

Two 12x12 tiles won't get you a 24x24 surface--you need four to get a work surface that big. With two, you'll only get a 12x24 surface.

Anyhow, I lucked out with this. My husband and I were on a walk when we found ~20 whole, still-packed white marble tiles set out for trash collection! My husband and I ran home for the car and brought those bad boys home. I cleaned up a few and put some felt lining on the bottom for use during parties. The rest we set aside to top a table my father-in-law is building for us.

Frugal Tip: Buy Marble Slabs For Candy Making From Home Depot | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/28/10 02:29 PM

Wow...when I was growing up in Texas, we made sun tea all the time. We would generally set out a few jar on our porch in the morning and make several gallons at a time (that would be consumed in no time in the peak of summer). By that afternoon (or lunch on the really hot days) you'd have perfectly brewed tea. Bonus: you didn't have to stand over a hot stove or deal with gallons of boiling water (again, during a very hot season) which makes sun tea more appealing, far "greener", and so much easier. Plus, it tastes better IMO.

I don't really think that anyone with a healthy immune system is at risk of getting sick from bacteria in the tea. You're using clean water (maybe even filtered water, which my family didn't have growing up) and, presumably, you've cleaned the jar you'd be using. It's good to be careful, but I think that we're a bit TOO germaphobic these days.

Is It Safe To Brew and Drink Sun Tea? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/19/10 10:10 PM

Oh dear. I love the photos in general, but that second one gives the Californian in me shivers. One nighttime earthquake and you'd be done for.

5 Tips For Tiny Bedrooms | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/9/10 09:10 PM