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Hilarious. 3 years after you made this post I had the SAME EXACT experience this weekend. #latetotheparty

Left Renegade to get a bite to eat; wound up at Jerry's. Adored those chandeliers & forgot to snap a picture. Googling landed me here. I guess you never found anyone who did something like this, or where Jerry's got theirs? That chandelier is the missing piece to my kitchen.

Look!: Spoon Chandeliers at Jerry's Sandwiches
9/12/10 06:31 PM

I love AT readers & commenters. I've always tossed it, and can't wait to try many of these things. Thanks all!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Can I Do With Leftover Pickle Juice? Good Question
7/14/09 09:48 PM

I like kitchen toys—a lot. But unitaskers aren't my thing. I store unused onion pieces in a Pyrex glass bowl w/top (see: http://www.internationalhousewares.com/zencart/images/products/pyrex_14pc.jpg ) The glass doesn't pick up any odor, I haven't smelled any on the tops yet (the onions wind up going quickly!), and the onion keeps for quite a while. Honestly, I don't know how I lived before these storage bowls. Things (mainly fruits/veggies) last SO much longer in them!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Hot or Not? Gourmac Onion Saver
5/22/09 02:17 PM

I love my AirCurve as well. I've got it in the bathroom & use it when I'm in the shower. The flatness is overcome by the water, so it sounds fine. A great $20 purchase - looks cool and works exactly as described.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Griffin AirCurve Review: More Sound From Your Iphone
3/20/09 11:06 PM

mmm... my favorite of all the sauces, and a lifetime addiction due to having family from Argentina. It's divine with eggs, meats, chicken, dipping bread, pasta, fish, and really just about anything in the world.

I've tried making it numerous times, and even though it's so simple I just can't get it to be as good as the Argentine market down the block. So I just buy it. It's cheap, homemade, and delicious. Wish they'd teach me how they did it.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Word of Mouth: Chimichurri
3/9/09 07:21 PM

LauraJane, I will keep it in mind (and bookmark it!) for whenever I'm out that way. We're city dwellers without a car so it's not often. But thanks!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's the Secret to Good Matzo Ball Soup?
2/12/09 06:25 PM

Oooh! Great post. Since I moved away from the fam in NY and now live in Chicago (with a hate-strike against The Bagel), I haven't had good matzo ball soup in ages. Looking forward to the answers here.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's the Secret to Good Matzo Ball Soup?
2/11/09 06:28 PM

I LOVE the black & white mosaic table - where's that from?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rearranging Furniture: Before and After
11/13/08 02:02 PM

My grandmother collected owls for 20 years. In my traveling around the country I'd pick her up owls in random places; one of her favorites being the one made out of seashells I bought at some roadside antique store in VT for about $2. Her collection ranged from tacky ones like that to gorgeous glass ones.

After she passed the family split the owls up, most of us taking back ones we'd bought her. Now we've all got little reminders of her in our homes. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the family that smiles every time I look at one. She died 2 years ago and I still have the urge to buy every owl I see as a gift for her. She'd have loved the above display. Hell, she had a few of those same ones in her house.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Awesome Vintage Owl Collection
11/5/08 05:19 PM

My BF bought me one a few months back and I love it. While certain things didn't grow very well (my mint & parsley), I've had fresh basil whenever I want it for months—purple & regular. The basil grew better than anything else, but the chives, thyme & dill all grew fairly well. My friend has one as well - his parsley & mint grew great, but his chives & thyme never grew at all. Their customer support is great though, and they sent me replacement bulbs when one of mine blew, and sent my friend a new seed pod when his thyme never sprouted. For $99 it's a great toy, and if you're curious now is as good of a time as any to try it.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Deal Alert: AeroGrow AeroGarden Half Off at Amazon
8/13/08 09:20 AM

I wonder if my parents still have mine in the basement... this was one of my favorites as a kid!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | From the '70s '80s: Fashion Plates (as Decor?)
8/1/08 12:56 PM

jendavid99 - thanks for the tip! That's precisely what I've been looking for! I just called them and they're sending me a sample pack so I can experiment before I buy. Awesome, you just made my day, thanks!

Apartment Therapy New York | Plain Frost Window Film by Graham BrownBoston
6/11/08 08:20 AM

I picked up a SimpleHuman (8 gallon round, with foot step) at Target a while back; much cheaper than the Container Store. I love it—kind of. While it's much better than the white one we used to have (they get dirty fast, and there's nothing grosser than a dirty garbage can) and it doesn't get fingerprints all over it.

Most of the SimpleHuman cans want you to use their proprietary bags for it, they're very narrow and you wind up going through more garbage bags quicker. If you use a standard Hefty garbage bag you're going to have a lot of excess bag. Once the can is full and you pull out the bag you'll find the bag is only about 1/2 full. Then you've got a garbage bag sitting on the floor until it's totally full and ready to go out. That's kind of annoying.

The other downfall is the pin that hinges the lid to the can is slightly bent and gets loose sometimes. But that's just a simple slide back into place.

But, it matches the kitchen, and looks neat without the standard bag overhang (hidden space inside for the excess bag), so it's certainly worth keeping around.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Trash Cans at the Container Store
5/7/08 09:45 AM

I used to have that blue chair at an old job, and it was the greatest, comfiest chair ever! Anyone know what it's called, or where I could find one? Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Find: Dual Desk Setup
2/16/08 10:07 AM