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OMG, I saw your picture and was like~ that is my place! HA...I can completely identify with you! My boyfriend and I moved into a loft style apt over a year ago and we are STILL getting it in order! We had NO furniture, so we had to buy everything, which we have been doing slowly on a budget. Every corner I look in is another unfinished project.. and in fact "Meh" is actually a NEW word in my vocabulary too! I keep leaning on the - pick one spot and just start, don't look at the big picture, just go one project at a time. - just try to hold onto that mentality and you will get it done! it's okay to not have everything perfect all the time, that was my big lesson. BEST OF LUCK! (and throw your self a heck of a dinner party when its all done cause you are going to owe yourself QUITE the pat on the back!)

On Why My Large Space Makes Me Feel Lazy
4/27/11 04:33 PM