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I'm facing this same dilemma, but only moving 8 hours away. We are visiting our new city this coming weekend, so I am bringing as much as the car can hold and leaving them with a friend to watch. Then the rest of the plants my parents are taking with them when they visit in two weeks. I have 16 plants, and I don't really want to leave any behind... Especially when they have sentimental value, like my rubber tree from my grandmother's funeral.

What Do You Do With Your Houseplants When You Move?
6/24/13 11:54 AM

Another tidy person here-
-I grew up in an obsessively organized and clean house, which is my main reason why I behave the way I do. My dad would say "if you stand still long enough, Carol (my mom) will put YOU away!" Although my siblings are not as organized as me.
-I cannot live in chaos, I feel uncomfortable when things are messy. (Another story from my childhood, I would go over to my friends house and we would pretend to be Snow White and pick up and clean for fun... Yes, parents loved it when I came over for a visit, I transformed many playrooms. "Just whistle while you work!")
-Everything has it's place. Which makes it super easy to keep everything tidy. I go through our drawers and closets at least once a year and reorganize so our new items have room.
I also enjoy doing it, which may be weird but it's so true. I love to organize, I should have became a professional organizer. ;-)

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/18/13 02:14 PM

You forgot one plus: STARS!
You will never be able to see more than a few stars (if that) living in Chicago or NYC. And I am not talking about actors and such, but the beautiful night sky. It is one thing I miss terribly living in Chicago.
That and having a yard.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 04:31 PM

Growing up I stripped a lot of old painted furniture, sort of strange for a 12 year old stripping a dresser for her bedroom, right? But after all that work, I know I am for sure a wood fan.

Refinish Or Repaint: The Great Wood Makeover Debate
6/3/11 04:34 PM