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Me three!

10 Travel-Inspired Meals to Make at Home Recipes from The Kitchn
6/10/13 12:01 PM

Michy I think you're onto something there! :)

Apartment Therapy On Why Not To Date a Caveman
6/4/13 09:57 AM

Me, cave woman! Me, happy. Ug.

Apartment Therapy On Why Not To Date a Caveman
6/3/13 09:02 PM

I love the painting!

Shop the Small Cool Room:
Jordan's Collected Classics

5/19/13 10:26 AM

If you must renovate, make sure it is sensible. I recently looked at a home open where they had replaced the kitchen but not changed the window which was too high to see the stunning view over the valley. If they had replaced the window with a picture window to show off the view buyers probably wouldn't have even noticed the rest of the kitchen. They had also replaced the laundry with a pantry area... great idea but they had moved the laundry into the outdoor games room - not built in and just sitting on the carpet!

And if you are an indoor smoker please please make sure you wash your curtains!!!

Five Things I Learned About Real Estate From Reality TV
5/19/13 06:18 AM

And, if you are in the southern hemisphere remember to "know your windows" in the opposite direction!

5 Reasons You're Killing Your Indoor Plants
4/24/13 09:25 PM

I'd love to know how you can tell from the photo that these are originals and not copies! Nice idea - the plates look great!

Before & After: Thrifted Plates Chez Larsson
12/2/12 10:50 AM

In my younger years, my boyfriend and I lived on a farm in I guess about 150 sq ft of cottage. It had a mini bathroom and kitchen and one room. We put the wardrobe in front of bathroom door to create a "hallway" so you weren't always looking at the toilet! It had room for the bed and table against opposite walls and an armchair at the bedhead beside the fireplace. The "laundry" was a concrete tub on the outside wall. We had amazing views over a valley and small river. The rent was $20 a week. We had spring water and grew all our own vegies. We were both artists so art supplies had priority over other possessions. We loved it!

A Teeny Tiny House in Just Two Days Gizmag
10/13/12 07:21 AM

Woohoo for Perth being on the list! I'm a proud Perthite. :)

The World's Most Livable Cities The Economist
8/26/12 03:04 AM

How about we just celebrate
a. people trying to make positive changes in their life
b. people who find the positive in the changes that have happened in their life
c. the ironies in life! :)

5 Things I Learned on My Summer Staycation
7/28/12 06:10 AM

@Joco, silly me! Now why didn't I remember that!

Small Changes, Serious Impact
7/11/12 11:44 AM

OK let me see if I have this straight... I am putting my bar soap in the bed so my unwashed duvet cover will smell nice... I am putting the fresh flowers in the liquid soap to deter the cat... I'm pouring another glass of wine and watching Sex in the City to learn about landing strips... but for the life of me I can't remember what I was meant to do with the scissors!!!

Small Changes, Serious Impact
7/7/12 04:33 AM

love the idea of using down pillows... thank you for the inspiration!

Before & After: Jude's Virtually Free Sofa
6/22/12 10:37 AM

@good pr - take a pile of paper each night and while you watch tv or listen to music sort the pile. Put the rubbish pile straight into the recycling bin and immediately file the must keeps. Pay the bills you find the next day and bin or file straightaway.

How Not to Be a Hoarder
6/14/12 07:48 PM

Fab idea! I love the idea of a paint by numbers with some of it left unpainted

DIY Pegboard Headboard Our Fifth House
5/31/12 12:41 AM

I love this idea... so simple!

Before & After: Less Than Fabulous Filing Cabinet Turned Garage Super Storage Trash to Treasure
5/11/12 11:09 PM

More proof that us Perth-ites have great taste! :)

From Scary to Sublime: A Gorgeous Gut Renovation in Australia
5/11/12 11:04 PM

I LOVE this... but if I had a bed like that I would have to physically remove the dog and two cats first... then clean off all the fur, dirt, half-the-garden, pet toys... anyone want some pets?!?!!! :)

Before & After: Pamela's Sleeping Porch
Sweet Peach

2/18/12 08:57 AM

I'm not sure I can buy garbanzo beans in Australia... what would be a good replacement? But I will certainly go looking... this recipe looks delish! :)

Recipe: Couscous Salad with Butternut Squash and Cranberries
2/18/12 06:10 AM

Nice list!

My intention is to make someone smile everyday... even if it is only myself :D

Resolution Revolution: Setting Intentions for a New Year
1/3/12 11:58 AM