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The under-stair storage is the most ingenious thing I've seen this year in the Small Cool Contest!

Daniel's Square Footage Challenged Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 02:27 PM

So many clever uses of space jam-packed into one flat! Great entry, too: I get a great sense of the space and how the pictures flow together.

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 11:48 AM

This looks like an insanely expensive decorating job-- absence of full-on walls aside. And a pain to keep clean.

Simone's Shine & Silhouettes Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 11:42 AM

This is the first entry I've seen so far with clever storage ideas to work around a small size. Great work!

Jelena's Sleeping Nook Studio Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 11:37 AM

There's a suspiciously small amount of clutter. Why are there no books or photos?

Audrey's Architectural Interest Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 11:32 AM

This is one of the best laid-out entries I've seen. Your pictures and floorplan give such a great sense of the space!

Jessica's Small Home, Big Bedroom Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 11:25 AM

Like the other Washingtonians, I, too, love the flag art!

Kiera's First Fixer-Upper Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 11:23 AM

I love the bold colors!

Debra's Frog to Prince Place Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 09:37 AM

I, too, am curious about where the dog beds are. My grey has 4 in our little apartment, and he won't sleep overnight if he's not in a bed!

Kristen's Happily Smaller Digs Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 09:30 AM

One of the simplest ways to do home security is to think about how you would break into your own home if you forgot your keys (e.g., the unlocked window, the loose door handle, the hide-a-key you bought through the Skymall catalog). Take that list, and fix everything on it.

Home Security: Tips, Ideas & DIY Projects
9/19/12 09:39 AM

Despite my apartment complex having a front desk with access to keys, I have two neighbors with copies. Manually deadbolting instead of just using the in-door lock is always a good idea that prevents lockouts. Never use a hide-a-key-- they're never really that hidden. I like the lockbox idea that elbowglitter's friend had.

Locked Out: What's Your Back-Up Plan?
8/7/12 09:48 AM

I could barely hear what was being said over the music. Captions would have helped. Or a transcript, since I'm only 70% sure why this works.

One Minute Tip: How to Remove the Wax from Your Candle Jars Apartment Therapy Videos
7/26/12 08:50 AM

The keyed deadbolt idea is dangerous, as several people mentioned above. Just get a hook to install on the door frame or wall nearby. That's what I have now, and it's an easy habit to just hang the keys there.

When I studied abroad, my host family had a door that locked like this, and my first morning on my way to school, I couldn't get out of the house because my key didn't work. It was terrifying, and there was no emergency.

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/16/12 01:00 PM

Make French toast! If you have tons still left over, freeze it. It reheats very well in the microwave (or a toaster, if you slice it thinly enough).

How to Cope with a Big Loaf of Bread When Dining Alone Cooking for One
5/29/12 09:48 AM

I agree with the bookshelf idea. Windowbox planters may also be good, as they'll take up the width and discourage climbing more effectively than traditional standalone ceramic pots. Raise them up a foot or so, and it'll be even less tempting. Just don't plant shiny/pretty flowers, as they may be more tempting. Herbs or ivy would be good.

How To Baby Proof This Stairwell? Good Questions
5/11/12 03:59 PM

Where's the bedroom?

Masha's Color & Pattern Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 03:59 PM

Or do you share the bathroom with the other apartment? I like the setup and use of space, but I would have liked more perspective shots with #4 and #5.

Jennifer's Efficient Haven Small Cool Contest
4/25/12 03:49 PM

How do you keep it so clean and white? My place would be covered in marks!

Nico's Making It Work Small Cool Contest
4/24/12 03:46 PM

The white and light blue is very placid. I'm thinking about vacationing in your living room.

Cara & Jerry's Small Budget, Big Style Small Cool Contest
4/24/12 02:21 PM

This place is great. Good job decorating! The bed really captivates me. I LOVE canopies. Nice touch with the roses in a fish-bowl-like vase!

Sarah's Creative Changes Small Cool Contest
4/24/12 02:19 PM