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I was lucky enough to have a baking day at my boss' house a little while ago - she has a fantastic great room with a big open kitchen and wood burning fireplace! It was felt cozy to have the fire going while we put together all the cookies and scones we were making! In contrast, my boyfriend once accidentally started a fire in our kitchen while trying to fry chicken. Not anywhere near as pleasant.

The Ultimate Cozy: Kitchen Fireplaces Kitchen Inspiration
2/6/14 01:25 PM

I personally have only a cell phone, but during a recent Community Emergency Response Team training I attended I learned about a music festival where the sheer amount of people overloaded the cell phone tower to the point where nobody there could make a call (despite pretty much everyone having a cell phone). Unfortunately, there was a woman who was having medical problems during this festival and because no one could reach 911, she died before she could receive medical attention. In a case like this, it obviously wouldn't matter if you have a land line at home, but it illustrates how relying only on cell phones could potentially be a problem.

I think the best tactic is to make sure your neighbor has a land line!

Should a Single Mother Of a 7-Year-Old Child Get Rid Of Her Land Line?
11/7/13 01:57 PM

Blast from my past - I grew up with those soup bowls that have the recipes on them in the picture! I had completely forgotten about them! Having said that - I don't miss them now that I've remembered.

I don't care what the soup is in as long as it is delicious!

What's Your Favorite Kind of Soup Bowl? Reader Survey
10/14/13 05:20 PM

Nescafé reminds me of my summer touring in China. Though, I have to admit, this is a much more romantic view than mine - it drove me absolutely crazy not having access to regular coffee! Even today when I see Nescafé in the store I make a face. I guess I should work on this since I hope to travel much more in the future!

Why I Sort of Love Nescafé Instant Coffee
6/11/13 02:25 PM

This sounds like such a good idea! Right now I have really plain, boring dishes but I'm too much of a chicken to commit to a pattern. Plus I could get only the pieces I need! Brilliant. Thanks!

What Special Kitchen Treasures Do You Like to Collect?
2/19/13 06:23 PM

My boyfriend will just hack eggs open with a knife! I use the side of the bowl myself.

How Do You Crack an Egg? Reader Survey
9/10/12 12:40 PM

Rutabaga! I'm a master of avocado, competent with mango (like Joey C I shave the mango off the pit), I've never come across a squash or melon I couldn't chop, but for the life of me I can't tame a rutabaga. Luckily for me, my local grocery store offers pre-chopped rutabaga (unfortunately it's much more expensive than buying whole)!

Which Foods Are the Most Dangerous to Handle?
7/28/12 10:47 PM

I'm also planning an upcoming housewarming brunch! These are some wonderful ideas!

I am planning to harness the power of the slow cooker for my brunch - there is a wonderful french toast casserole recipe in Slow Cooker Revolution by America's Test Kitchen that I intend on using (and have tested quite thoroughly a couple times before)! I'm also considering making a giant pancake, which I just recently tried, where you put pancake batter (you can use a mix if you like, I certainly did) in a slow cooker for an hour or two on high. You can serve it like cake and offer a variety of toppings!

My other suggestion would be to serve a sweet noodle kugel as they can be prepared well in advanced and can even be served cold.

Help Me Find Great Make-Ahead Recipes for Housewarming Brunch Party Good Questions
7/21/12 12:06 AM

My first experience with a local butcher was about six months ago when I visited a chicken butcher's stand at my farmer's market. He was very helpful; he answered all of my questions and made suggestions based on what I had been looking for. I was even more impressed when I returned the following week and he not only remembered my name, but asked me how my dish was!

Since I've started going to local butchers, the quality of the meat I eat has improved (organic, fresher than pre-packaged), my cooking has improved thanks to all the advice I've been getting, I'm confident that these animals were treated humanely, and I'm supporting my local economy!

Why Buy Meat From a Butcher?
11/10/11 12:45 PM

I'm a serious offender when it comes to neglecting salad greens in the fridge, so I do this all the time! Usually I have baby spinach on hand and I'll squeeze in some lemon and add fresh nutmeg. So good! And I've heard that a quick trip around the pan allows the greens to retain more vitamins than they would otherwise with other cooking methods.

No-Waste Tip: Sauté the Last of the Salad Greens
8/20/11 11:34 AM

On my 18th birthday, my mother took me out to the 10,000 Villages buffet, which was featuring cuisine from South America that week. At the end of an extra-long table laden with an amazing variety of authentic dishes, was one plain, yellow sheet cake.

Hiding my disappointment that there wasn't anything containing copious amounts of chocolate, I took a small piece of the cake. And then I tasted it. And I could have died. It was a tres leches cake - perfectly sweet, so moist (but not soggy), light and just...

After a quick exchange of shocked looks, my mom and I agreed that this cake was the best thing we had ever tasted and proceeded to destroy the rest of the cake (luckily for the other people there, they had more).

I've tried several recipes since then and, though they've all been good, none of them have compared to the recipe they served at 10,000 Villages.

What's the Best Dessert You Ever Ate?
4/26/11 03:17 AM