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We just moved out of a place more because of the owner than the actual apartment. The people hired to repair things were always the cheapest to be found and did work that lived up to the price. Also, the amount of things the owner didn't care about was getting ridiculous...sewage in the basement (without feeling the need to notify tenants who paid for basement storage), bats that roost in the buildings and come in to greet you at night, and we most recently had a bunch of displaced squirrels decide to roost in the walls of the building...the rent was cheap, the neighborhood good, and the apartment adorable, but it finally all added up to too much to handle!

Apartment Building Common Area Deal Breakers
3/21/12 09:07 AM

I always try to take pictures of our apartment, especially when we've just redecorated, to show family who live out of state, but they never come out quite as well as AT's do. Can you tell us a little about photographing small interiors? I'd love to know how to get those great angles!


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2/17/12 09:32 AM

We live sans air conditioning as well, and since our apartment is not capable of housing an attic fan, we use those double fan unites in our windows. During the cool nights, we use them to suck outside air in to cool everything down and then first thing in the morning all the fans get turned off and the curtains get closed to keep the cool air in and the sun's heat out. Now, since I can't live in darkness once I get home from work with all that nice summer sunshine to be had, I simply open the curtains and windows and switch the window fans so that one pulls in air from outside and the other pulls hot air out of the apartment. Repeat each night!

8 Tips For A Cool Night's Sleep (Without the AC!)
6/30/11 04:52 PM

I think these are some great tips. I live in a small place and whenever I renew my lease (and promise to stay there even longer) I do one or two more updates...a new lamp, a piece of "grown-up" furniture. When I look at what I could be paying in rent for a bigger place, these little updates that make me love my small apartment more don't seem like such large chunks of money...and in some ways they are better investments than space.

Investing in the Temporary
4/25/11 10:34 PM