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You GO Jenny! What a pleasure to see you win.

The Homies Winners: Best of 2013! Homies 2013
2/15/13 02:12 PM

Wow you got me there with the biscuit topping. I will definitely try that. I sometimes use corn bread as a stew topping.

Comfort Food Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit Topping Recipes from The Kitchn
1/10/13 06:12 PM

Try Orange Guard. Hardware stores have it. Made with orange peel it is safe for pets, and children.

How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches? Good Questions
8/31/12 03:36 PM

Dying to make those calzones for like ever.
Just last night I froze burritos. Trying to always have something for those nights where there is no time for anything but sit down and eat.

Busy Autumn Ahead: 10 Meals to Make and Freeze Now Recipe Roundup
8/16/12 03:42 PM

For some reason this has not been an issue for me. I'm way too practical and realistic when it comes to 'things'. Nothing comes in my house without something going out.

Fighting the Feeling of "Should"
6/20/12 02:25 PM

Can't wait to try it!

Look! Homemade Yogurt in Mason Jars
5/25/12 02:17 PM

These have been on my wish list like for ever. I'm totally buying them!

Summer Want: Turkish Bath Towels
5/15/12 02:33 PM

Love your kitchen! Could you please share the color of the cabinets?

Ryan's Stunning San Francisco Remodel Kitchen Tour
4/24/12 12:11 PM

Lindo, Rosalia! Gostei!!!

Rosalia's Amazing Simplicity Small Cool Contest
4/17/12 06:25 PM

Tried these last week and they were divine! A definite keeper in my house. Thanks for the details.

How to Make Cheese Gougères
4/10/12 01:39 PM

Wow everything looks delicious...

The Apartment Therapy Office Has a Potluck! A Menu Rundown
3/29/12 07:27 PM

Awesome. Thanks. Good to know you can use any rice.

Lunch from Leftovers: Make Rice and Seaweed Rolls
3/16/12 04:13 PM

Thanks! I needed that tip about removing paint... Now back to painting my bathroom walls.

The Projectpocalypse: How To Clean Up a DIY Disaster
2/15/12 03:03 PM

I absolutely love raita. Mine usually includes, yogurt, diced cucumber, mint leaves, raisins, and salt pepper to taste. Great as an appetizer with pita bread also.

Indian Recipe: Basic Raita
2/15/12 01:36 PM

How to make veggie sushi and preserving.

What New Cooking Skills Do You Want to Learn This Year?
1/30/12 03:23 PM

Had to give up using parchment paper... The smoke alarm goes off!!!
I need to by myself a silpat for sure.

Tip: Roast Vegetables on Parchment Paper for Easier Transfer & Cleanup
1/30/12 03:19 PM

Made it last night....Soo tasty and easy to make.

How to Make Buttermilk Quick Bread: With 10 Different Variations
1/20/12 01:35 PM

Talk about 'super chic' I absolutely looove my black bathroom. That last photo was my inspiration.
Not sure about a window-less bathroom...mine has a window and tons of light.

Darkly Chic: Black Walls in Any Room
11/8/11 12:41 PM

Awesome tip!

Helpful Tip: Bake Up Some Sweet Potatoes!
11/4/11 03:24 PM

Awesome place! Duck is soo cute.

Cassie's Round-the-World Australian Flat
House Call

10/10/11 05:42 PM