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I love the beach photography over the daybed. Can you tell me where it is from/who the photographer is? Please let me copy you! It looks so relaxing and beautiful.

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
4/30/14 10:04 AM

This is breathtaking!

Before & After: A Happy Hutch
10/10/13 11:39 AM

Where is that desk from?

Clearing the Table at the End of the Day
10/26/12 12:54 PM

Where are the gold glasses from?!

Ryan's Stunning San Francisco Remodel Kitchen Tour
8/14/12 12:28 PM

This isn't exciting. I need more.

Kitty Bubs' Nostalgic Starlet Bungalow
House Tour

4/10/12 11:51 AM

Give me old New York and I'm down.

Custom Digital Wallpaper & Coverings
2/9/12 09:54 AM

All I can say is DO NOT BUY A WEST ELM COUCH! I fell in love with one and bought it in September. At the time of purchase they told us it would be 1 - 2 weeks for delivery. After 3 weeks we were told that sales person was wrong and it would be 10 - 12 weeks. Now it is January and way past 12 weeks and we still don't have a couch.


Are Pottery Barn Sofas Worth the Money?
Good Questions

1/4/12 04:10 PM

I think you had a house tour up too. I can't find it, but I'm dying to look at it again! Can anyone find the link???


Alison's "Vintage-Modern Blue & Grey" Room
11/18/11 09:15 AM

Ah! I love it. Natural wood is always the way to go over flat paint, in my humble opinion.

Before & After: A Serves Goes Back to Basics
Simply Chic Treasures

11/11/11 06:08 PM

Hey I literally own that garbage can!! And YES I will do that too!

Before & After: From Boring Black to Glam Gold
Mer Mag

10/14/11 12:21 PM

Where can I find a good world map poster like the one seen in the first picture?

Inspiration: Diversity in Americana Living Rooms
9/28/11 11:46 AM

When will Missoni be back in Target?

Missoni for Target: The Aftermath Plus Product Reviews!
9/27/11 09:51 AM

Where is this rug from??????????

Eclectic, Fun Room with This Rug?
Good Questions

9/23/11 12:09 PM

I love this place! So beautiful, sweet and cozy.

Love the rug in the bedroom!!!! Where is it from?

Meghan's Still Life in Williamsburg
House Call

9/22/11 03:10 PM

Where do you guys find are good places to go rug shopping? Anthropologie is so expensive, but I like the style...-

Finding The Right Rug
9/19/11 09:47 AM

I feel pretty good about the 1st picture. I would love to know more about that painting technique on the dresser...

Crisp Color Combo: Deep Green + Pale Gray
9/16/11 01:45 PM

Where would you get a glass top like that and how much would it cost?

Create a Luxe Sawhorse Desk with Painted IKEA Parts
9/15/11 02:44 PM

Suicide and death do not happen because of houses. Whatever happened to that person was about them, not their home.

Enjoy your new place, paint the walls bright colors, and fill it with love.

Would You Buy a House with a Dark History?
Good Questions

9/9/11 02:18 PM

Of course! And I also tell everybody about Apartment Therapy!!! BY the way does anyone know where the desk pictured here is from? I like how clean and simple it is.

Do You Share Your Online Shopping Secrets?
9/6/11 10:30 AM

Can I just say I really agree with the last comment. Especially since the Better Homes and Gardens website is horrible. It's like you provided a link to a bunch of nonsense.

Fun & Easy Paint Upgrades for Home Accessories
Better Homes and Gardens

8/31/11 04:25 PM