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I want to live in this house.

Chris and Amber's Old + New Renovated Home House Tour
7/30/14 12:19 PM

I know everyone on this site is vehemently opposed to anything beige, but a soft/warm version would complement the tile/grout very well I think. I used to have my bedroom painted Cream Fleece from Benjamin Moore and I loved it.

What Color Should We Paint Our Bathroom with 1989 Tile? Good Questions
5/23/14 10:20 AM

"Preferring the sweet taste of the pineapple and several other tropical island fruits to cannibalism,..."
Just made my day.

A Brief History of the Hospitality Pineapple
2/28/14 02:07 PM

I think changing the paint color for the door and gable ends would be make a huge difference. The stark white and the bright red aren't doing the earth tones in the stone any favors. Maybe try some earthy green (light olive) or "greige" or something like that with a warm oranges. You get the idea... some colors that compliment the stone instead of fight with it.

How To Add Curb Appeal to Inherited House? Good Questions
2/18/14 10:11 AM

jts1 I thought the same thing when I saw that first one. Any of the kids I know would have those expensive bulbs shattered in less than 2 minutes.

10 Pendant Lights for Kids Spaces
2/6/14 09:54 AM

I love the map of London on the drawer fronts.

Before & After: Chest Goes On A Strict Diet
1/30/14 09:43 AM

I think it would be a great place for stuffed animals to live.

Can I Make a Crib Mattress Work with an IKEA Children's Bed? Good Questions
1/28/14 04:52 PM

I believe that elephant pillow was from CB2. Might be discontinued.

Just Focus on Today: No More \"All or Nothing\" Cleaning Comment of the Day
1/15/14 10:56 AM

Wow! Thanks for checking into that Katerina! It's funny how I was just searching again for this lamp and then Voila! This post arrived. I should know by now that if I really like something I should just go for it, but with spending way too much money around the holidays I decided to wait until after Xmas. I'm actually thinking that if I'm industrious enough I could actually make it myself!

Kids Room Style Board: Eighties POP!
1/14/14 09:50 AM

I was actually looking for the black Land of Nod "Isosceles" Table Lamp on Land of Nod's website today and it seems to be discontinued. I've had my eye on it for a while, but I guess I waited too long. Does anyone know of an alternative to this lamp that's similar?

Kids Style Board: 80's POP!
1/13/14 04:36 PM

So happy feeling. This should have been in and dominated the Room for Color contest!

Amy's Vintage Jewel Tone Apartment House Tour
12/12/13 04:33 PM

One side of my family started using Elfster a few years ago and it worked out so well that we now have another side of the family using it too. You can list specific items or general ideas too. Since the user checks off the item as purchased it helps prevent duplicates. It's worked well for us for several years now.

\"Registering\" For Holiday Gifts: How Do You Handle It?
12/2/13 10:44 AM

Wow... I wasn't expecting that big of a transformation.

Before & After: I Spy A Reimagined Sofa
10/17/13 10:01 AM

I bingewatch quite a bit because I don't have cable and rely on netflix/hulu/apple tv to watch anything I can't watch live. Even when I did have cable I never subscribed to the premium channels anyway, so always had to wait for the popular series to come out later on dvd/streaming.

Totally agree with Violet+Violet too. I was just talking about this a few weeks ago as I tried binge watching Breaking Bad. I also had Boardwalk Empire coming in the mail at the same time and decided that I was kind of tired of binge watching shows with violence/criminality as the main theme. I gave up on Boardwalk Empire but after a short haitus am back to slowly catching up on Breaking Bad season 2. An exception to this is Heartland, where I can't wait for the next disc to come.

Other comedy/dramedy shows are much easier for me to binge watch. OITNB was an easy one, and right now I'm into Shameless (yes, I'm a tv junkie.)

To Binge or Not to Binge: Real Time vs. Marathon TV Viewing
10/16/13 09:23 AM

Also, my Mom's house is a ranch with white painted brick and a gray roof and it looks really nice. Having all the walls a consistent color would help elongate the width of the house and really ground it more, creating a horizontal movement of the eye, as opposed to being broken up. It would also help make the converted garage look less added on.

Suggestions on How to Add Curb Appeal? Good Questions
9/26/13 09:00 AM

Cute house. Flower boxes might make the windows seem more substantial and add some pops of color. You could also explore ways to use landscaping to break up the large expanses of wall as well, maybe even some containers with taller plants/trees on the driveway in front of the white siding. I agree that there's lot's of potential.

Suggestions on How to Add Curb Appeal? Good Questions
9/26/13 08:58 AM

It seems that this year has seen a lot of neutral colored rooms and rooms with nothing but a bright coat of paint on the walls, so I'm so happy to see this entry. Strong but balanced colors that are exciting but not overwhelming. I hope this one becomes a finalist.

Vineet's \"Bold & Vibrant\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/18/13 02:18 PM

What ZoeMcC said.

Decor Help for Newly-Furnished Bedroom? Good Questions
9/16/13 09:43 AM

If you look closely the back has been reconstructed, so I'd say the price seems fair to me. Looks much better IMHO.

Before & After: John's Craigslist Miracle
8/28/13 01:52 PM

I love sooo much about this home. This is pretty much the style/look that I aim for in my own home, but have somehow never been able to achieve myself. Inspirational.

Allison Burke's Modern Mix House Tour
8/28/13 12:50 PM