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I am in Upper Hastings Ranch and we start to put up our decorations the day after Thanksgiving. It is tradition up here because that is when people start to drive through the neighborhood for the Christmas display. I do have to say though that even before we moved up here I did the same, it is what my mom did too. We love holiday decorations and I want the most time to enjoy them.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | When Do You Put up Holiday Decorations?
11/15/08 12:51 PM

I should add that my experience was with the i Culver City store not the Santa Monica location but either way, not cool

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Store: The Sofa Company
2/13/08 06:14 PM

I also had a horrible experience there, I bought a sofa which we ended up customizing (which is why we went there, we could make it longer, deeper, whatever we wanted). We made our sofa deeper and added down filled cushions. The style we wanted was on the floor so we were able to sit on it but it had foam seat cushions and back cushions. I asked to sit on one that had the down filled and they took us to a different sofa. It was really comfortable. We ordered and paid around $1200.00 maybe even a little more with all the add ons and fabric upgrades. Once the sofa was delivered the back cushions were a good 5" lower than the back of the sofa, which it wasn't on the floor and the down filled seat cushion was basically just feathers so you sunk all the way down the the base and so it felt like there was not cushion at all. I called and the salesperson we worked with no longer worked there, I asked to talk to a manager and she said for me to take the measurements of the sofa and take a picture of it so she could see the problem with the back cushions. She wouldn't do anything about the seat cushions so I finally asked if we could make the 45 min trip back to the store and picked up firmer foam to sandwich in between the feather wrapping. She agreed, we drove down, drove home and added the new foam and they were now hard as a rock. I called again and she said nothing would be done with the seat cushions and the back cushions were fine, the dimensions were what they were supposed to be. I explained that the sofa on the floor didn't look this way and she said it is because with feather it compresses but it was brand new and I stretched them out to no avail. Basically after having the sofa for a year I now need a new one. Horrible customer service. I would not recommend them at all.
Regarding the pillows they do come with pillows. I chose not to but I know they do come with them.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Store: The Sofa Company
2/13/08 05:54 PM