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I'll give my input as a fellow New Englander - Dan probably keeps his condo at a low temperature all the time - not just when away. It is incredibly costly in the winter to keep your house at even an uncomfortable temperature. I also have to assume he is exaggerating a bit, since you have to keep the house at a certain temp so that the pipes don't freeze.
You are completely right though, it takes less energy to keep it in a narrow temperature range.
During college we used to wait as long as possible before even turning the heat on in the winter - I think our record was mid-December.

Dan's Kitchen: Drywall Part 2 Renovation Diary
2/11/14 07:07 PM

It is unfortunate that the good ideas in this post were overshadowed by the bad ones.

I also don't understand 5 or 6 because of the potential damage done to the shoes/books by being stored this way. (Also, aren't books in bookcases just as "out in the open"?) I like the idea of a clothes bar outside of a closet (#7) but I have seen this executed better on this website before - in a cleaner, more display-like way.

And honestly, the skis are a bit weird too. This would maybe work well for a ski cabin, but seems out of place in one's living room.

Otherwise - I like everything else. I think the idea is that you can store good-looking items out in the open - but it should look organized and clean!

In Plain Sight: 10 Smart Solutions for Everyday Organizing
1/8/14 06:01 PM

They are postcards from La Boulange which is a chain bakery/sandwich shop in the Bay Area (actually just purchased by Starbucks).

Jesica's Mix & Match Studio House Tour
12/5/13 06:33 PM

I love it. I am also pretty terrible with plants, but succulents are so easy that I have successfully made mine thrive!

For the cat people - I have two cats who normally destroy plants, but they aren't interested at all in my succulents.

How To Make a Succulent Wreath Apartment Therapy Tutorial
11/26/13 06:59 PM

Seconded! Where can you normally find cotton for a centerpiece like that?!

5 Tasks to Check Off Your Thanksgiving To-Do List a Week Early
11/21/13 12:12 PM

I think some of what people are responding to is the attitude that minimalist = clean, and pack rat = dirty, but you say your boyfriend is neat. You have come up with some good ideas, but saying things like "lead by example" implies that your way is better. And everyone else has already harped on that. My confusion is that if he is neat, why do you need to teach him that your way is better? It seems like you two just have different decorating tastes - and the people who are talking about coming up with compromises along those lines are more spot on.

I would be considered the "pack rat" in my relationship, but I am also very neat, and have been the "neat/minimalist" in previous relationships (it's all relative, right?). I have my areas of the apartment that I share with my boyfriend where my knick knacks are displayed. We have 2 cats so that limits how much we can put out anyway. We have lovely mid-century modern/minimalist furniture, and my knick knacks make the apartment feel warm. I think my boyfriend agrees. He probably wishes I got rid of some clothes, but at least mine are always put away!

Anyway, like others have said, you won't get very far trying to change someone. Try to work out a way that you can compromise.

When a Minimalist Meets a Pack Rat...
10/31/13 07:42 PM

Awesome frame find for this project. I also LOVE Paxton Gate, and I have that same Boston Ork Posters poster!

How To \"Frame\" Airplants Apartment Therapy Tutorials
10/28/13 07:01 PM

You can create Albums on your iPhone and file photos in them. It is generally pretty limited as to what you can do with stuff that is synced onto your phone - I'm sure you've noticed you can't delete the photos that you synced onto your phone.

How Many Photos Do You Keep On Your Phone?
10/18/13 06:42 PM

I'll be intrigued to see what the drop ceiling is hiding... Especially in old houses, drop ceilings/soffits/chases are there to hide what was not originally run through the walls and ceiling, as you've discovered with the waste pipe.

You may have to come up with a creative solution to hide electrical/ductwork that may be in the cavity created by the drop ceiling.

I'm excited to see how this all goes!

Introducing Dan's Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
9/5/13 05:29 PM

How were you able to get the mid-century/Knoll furniture on such a tight budget? I am dying to start my own collection but it's tough without spending a lot!

Molly's Plenty of Light
4/22/11 10:27 PM