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There are so many lovely homes in this year's contest but I had no trouble sending my vote this way. You did a great job of making a tiny space look clean & uncluttered yet warm & cozy. Enjoy the prize (hopefully)!

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
6/4/13 10:26 PM

This is such a great home, I don't even know where to begin. Six photos is not nearly enough; I look forward to seeing more, either in a house tour or if you are inclined to post some on Instagram or something. Good luck with the contest!

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/25/13 01:10 AM

This space is gorgeous. From your responses to other questions, I gather the murphy bed was custom made? You had to source wood for the manufacturer? (I'd like a similar piece but don't think I'm up for doing a lot of legwork to obtain.) Best of luck with the contest!

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
5/24/13 11:17 PM

Wow Luke, you write well too!

Luke's Barely Habitable
4/30/11 03:52 AM

The decor is gorgeous and I bet the bay view is amazing. I love the structure itself too. Echoing another comment, I really wonder how people find cool and unique places such as this.

Christine's Sausalito Skylights
4/26/11 03:42 AM

I also know someone who was injured falling off a bed (and it was not even lofted) while sleeping. I know you said you've never fallen out before, but it only takes one time! I'm not judging or preaching; just expressing sincere concern.

Laura's Sophisticated Studio
4/24/11 03:33 AM

At first I didn't know what to make of the draped bedroom "walls" but after seeing others' comments and looking at the picture again I totally love it. It's so ethereal -- must feel like sleeping in the heavens! I just want to run out and buy fabric for my bedroom now. Even more impressive that it serves such a utilitarian storage purpose.

Ellie's Carriage House
4/23/11 10:05 PM

"...less means more in the form of great dinners out (and "in"- in many cases), great frequency of travel, less excessive-ness and potentially cultural enlightment..."

suziwest7, thank you for this comment. I'm currently selling my house to move back to the city. I haven't bought something else yet, partly because I'm debating between 1-bedrooms (which would be plenty fine for me but would mean giving up a guestroom/office) and 2-bedrooms (which would be great in terms of more space and probably long-term investment sense, but somewhat of a financial stretch). Your comment may have just sealed the decision. :) Besides the dinners out and travel, it is also just emotionally nice to know there is more income "cushion" for life's curveballs.

PS - Michael, lovely home!

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/23/11 09:01 PM

Your living room looks majestic! Assuming the floorplan diagram is somewhat to scale, it must be a stunningly large space. The darker contrast color in the built-in bookcases is great too. I used to live in Beacon Hill and understand the awkward floorplan, but I would consider 913 SF to be very large as 1-bedrooms go in that area (unless you're in a mansion on Mt. Vernon or something).

Kimberlea's Beacon Hill Victorian
4/23/11 01:35 AM

I registered on this site just to comment on this entry. It is beyond fabulous! Just looking at the bathroom makes me want to book a spa day! Where can I see the before photos?

Stellah's Disappearing Bed
4/22/11 09:19 PM