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Come on now....really?

Looks like something I would consider for about one second before my husband gave me the crazy eye roll...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Ikea Vase as Alarm Clock Pedestal
2/22/08 10:02 PM

Cool! The Ballard Library in Seattle also has a green roof. Looks a little weird, but such a great idea...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Green Roof in Seattle
2/20/08 03:49 PM

I love the chairs, I think they blend in well. I also am impressed with the lack of clutter with a toddler around. Also your family is WAY too cute, one of you needs a missing front tooth or something... thanks for showing us your place!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF House Tour: Anna, Victor and Angelina's Bright and Cozy Delight, Revisited
2/20/08 05:37 AM it. Everything I would love our home to be....

Apartment Therapy New York | NY House Tour: Anna's Old-and-New Newburgh Victorian
2/20/08 05:29 AM

I think the painting should be vertical too. That position of the lady in the painting looks incredibly awkward/impossible.

Also, I realize it's a painting, but in that position her bosoms wouldn't be And maybe the shadows are supposed to be from her head being tilted backward...?

Otherwise, I think it's kind of cute!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Romantic Bedroom Week: IPreferAngie's State of Bliss
2/13/08 02:56 PM

I like the style and the tufting but it looks like it's covered with spiders or something. Yipes.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Romantic Bedroom Week: Manda's Dream Headboard
2/13/08 06:07 AM