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Like many others, I agree with @Dulcibella

I just spent 2 days cleaning up thrift store finds of "things I may have used for a project" that became overwhelming, let alone a complete waste of money. Majority are being donated back or given to friends.

Now I am very particular about what I buy. I need to have a use for it in the home or a something I am already working on. If not it stays put.

Found It? Buy It: ALWAYS Snap Up These 8 No-Regret Items At Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores
7/19/14 03:51 PM

Love this!

Can You Guess What Secret this DIY Mirror is Hiding? Home Story
7/8/14 11:53 AM

You have almost the same living room layout and colour couch we do. If you go to my blog (it's in the link) you'll see what we did to our living room to brighten it up. It was painted a mousy beige filled with dark brown and green moulding before.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Suggestions For Dark Living Room? Good Questions
7/8/14 11:52 AM

I'm big on colour outdoors. We painted our trellis red!

15 DIY Ways to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space with a Little Paint
6/13/14 04:21 PM

I love Storefront Life! They are one talented couple and it's great to see them featured.

Before & After: A Bright Yellow Bedroom Goes Shaker Chic
6/12/14 09:57 AM

Love love love!! I'm sending this to my husband asap as I have said we need to do this in our future kitchen reno.

Before & After: Vickiann's DIY Real Brick Wall
3/17/14 01:15 PM

I concur with the other Canadians in this comment thread. I love winter (no really I do) because I love the scenery, the outdoor sports, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate etc.

But this winter - which is apparently the 2nd coldest on record in 25 years here - is royally kicking our butts. It has been non-stop cold, shoveling and being cooped up indoors because going outside is too cold. Stir crazy doesn't even cover it.

How To Overcome the Winter Blues...for Parents and the Rest of Us, Too
3/6/14 10:34 PM

I love these! We keep our IKEA lights up over our windows in the living room during the winter as they help to keep a nice ambiance in the cold winter months. And all year long both our bedroom and the kids bedroom have LED mini ones hanging in them.

This summer the backyard deck is also getting a new bunch for summer night get togethers!

Decorating with Light: 10 Pretty Ways Use String Lights Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/6/14 10:17 PM

ITA with @churumbela - We bought the FRIHETEN from IKEA for the basement (as we also have the KARLSTAD - not the sofa bed version but the sectional - for the main living room) and I love being able to pull the bottom out and lounge on it watching tv and movies. We're very happy with the purchase and how much it cost.

Top Ten: Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
2/21/14 06:07 PM

I didn't even realize this was a touchy issue. We have ours on open bar shelves in the mini bar in the basement and they suit the look of the space. There are some very beautiful collector bottles and cases along with glasses next to them so we're happy to display them.

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/12/14 05:16 PM

Knotty pine and unpainted light wood? Yes please! That first kitchen is beautiful!

6 Big Home Trends from the 1990s
(That Just Might Return)

2/11/14 10:33 PM

Love the end result! I would love to find something like that in our neck of the woods for $10. Amazing job!

Before & After: Vintage Table Becomes Medical Miracle
1/28/14 01:03 PM

Great list! I def could use that earbud holder for the gym as mine are always getting tangled.

10 Under $10: Always-Appreciated Practical Stocking Stuffers
12/4/13 10:55 AM

LOVE it! Really, all of your projects blow my mind and really make me want to move.

Renovation Inspiration: Do It Yourself Concrete Kitchen Countertops
11/29/13 02:31 PM

I can't even tell you how much I have enjoyed this series. So great to see all the amazing ideas from talented people!

Homemade Holiday Gift Idea Exchange Click on Any Photo to For DIY Project Instructions & Info
11/17/13 12:53 PM

Just no. Please. I recently got a wedding email Invite and a matching email Thank You card.

I never opened the Thank You card.

Digital Holiday Greetings: About Time or Faux Pas?
11/12/13 02:43 PM

The IKEA FIRA perhaps? I wish they still made that. They have the replacement MOPPE for it but it's not in the IKEA where we're at.

What's Your Favorite \"Vintage\" IKEA Piece?
10/29/13 11:52 AM

Our IKEA BIALTT pine corner desk. It's similar to the also discontinued TOVIK but has the great shelves on the bottom. I wish I had gotten their matching BIALTT dressers with it. I could use them today!

What's Your Favorite \"Vintage\" IKEA Piece?
10/29/13 11:46 AM

Gorgeous as always Sarah! Love the grey/aqua colour combo.

Jules' Fresh Mint & Coral Tween Room Professional Project
10/28/13 04:07 PM

Love these! So bright and cheerful!

Add Color with Accents:
20 Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

10/14/13 11:35 AM