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there are 2 upholstery companies side by side at 17th and Doloroes in the Mission- both jam pakced busy and in business for years. I'm sure they could do whatever you're looking for...
good luck!

Good Questions: Custom Cushions for this Sofa?
5/9/07 07:45 AM

sorry this looks like lawrence's grandma from changing room designed this spot. am i the only one who does not like it? not trying to be mean at all but i don't really see any redeeming qualities here.

#36 - Meg's Everything In One
5/7/07 02:32 PM

like everyone else says- too bad- cause this one is a sure winner! gorgeous place- seemless and clean and interesting. great use of color- or non-use, love all the wood. the perfect type of minimalist- lived in, without being wrecked and not so empty that you feel like it's a museum. beautiful.

Small Cool Extra: Joseph's Cozy Brooklyn DIY
5/7/07 02:24 PM

love everything about the place! great eye for color and use of white. i love the spareness but it does not at all feel empty or cold like some of the other clean white entires feel. just absolutley lovely. insta finalist for me!

#19 - Laure's Sparkling Space
4/30/07 03:52 PM

i actually like the color- but i think the black is too much and there is too much of it. with all that color i would like some white accessories to create light- the dark furnishings and fittings are just too heavy.

#29 - Lex Lynn's Modern Haven
4/30/07 03:05 PM

very interesting place but it kinda looks like a store, no? but i just love the actual space- seems like you could get lost in there while being in such a small area. hard to imagine it's just 450 sq feet.

#28 - Daniel's Idiosyncratic Little Pad
4/30/07 02:54 PM

love the pop of yellow! beautiful, clean and not overly designed but just enough.

#23: MEPd's Simple-Modern-Variable
4/30/07 02:48 PM

love the muted hues. th eapt is vert well edited. just gorgeous! insta for me!

#32 - Nick's Lucid Lucite Clinical Creativity
4/30/07 02:43 PM

gorgess! love it!

#25 - Thomas' Itsy Bitsy Box
4/25/07 01:49 PM

SINCERELY one of my most favorite so far!
love it!

#12 Manuel's Houston Cottage
4/25/07 01:45 PM

agree that the space is lovely- but also agree with others that don't see that regular renters can compete with architecturally designed spaces due to the enormous budget allowed. AT should defintley alter the parameters of this contest next time and change to owners only/renters only. otherwise it's just not fair.
furthermore- does this couple really need another piece from Design WITHIN Reach....?
VOTE: not my thang.

#9 Kelly Gregory’s - Lil’ Italy Conversion
4/23/07 12:27 PM

LOVE the 3rd pic in the bedroom- color combo, wall treatment- it all works very well together.

Marlene Todd’s Love Nest
4/23/07 12:02 PM

absolutley love this space- clean and light without having the emptiness of other spaces, def seems lived in.
beautiful !

#19 - Bryan's Zones of Light
4/20/07 08:28 AM

yes- it's all the same apt.

#13: Lisa and Ames' Organic Modern
4/19/07 02:28 PM

i love how you've mangaed to squeeze in 3 separate areas into one very small living space w/o it feeling cluttered. you have a lot going on but it works- i think the placement of your art and mirror really work- as well as deciding not to have anything above the televsion. all of the colors and textures help to keep the eye moving as well- i think that somehow enlarges your space.

#7 - Randi's Post Loft Sophistication
4/12/07 03:30 PM

love this space! the light and colors- love the gray- and the punch of color in the bedroom. i love how the minumum color scheme allows the outside to add its own element. very no fuss- cool modern w/o being slammed over the head with it. understated and beautiful, and lived in.

#2 - Aad's Homage To His Old Dwelling
4/12/07 03:18 PM