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Haas avocados, grated onion, tomato, jalapenos, lime juice and a little lime zest, cilantro and a nice amount of crispy bacon pieces. I get tons of requests for my bacon guac every summer.

How to Make Better Guacamole: Tips from Two Food Writers
5/11/12 11:35 AM

Yes, part of the problem is that many members of the Gen X/Y generations are still renting. While living in apartments/condos, I've always tried to have patio gardens, but many rental communities are resistant to tenants having their own gardens. In the last condo I rented, the balcony rules were absurd - no hanging plants, no window boxes, can only have plants on the floor of your patio from May 1 - September 30... it made me want to not even bother. I now rent a 3 bedroom house with a yard, but my lease states that I cannot do any gardening in the yard. I'd love to plant perennials like peonies, iris, tulips, etc (and am willing to spend the money to do so) and have a vegetable garden, but it's not allowed. I can still have container plants on our front and back decks, but I'd love to do more and I know I would make the yard look better than it's current barren state.

Where Are the Gen X and Gen Y Gardeners? The Gardenist
5/2/12 11:43 AM

I would reach out to the local animal shelters. My guess is that these cats aren't vaccinated and if they're howling outside your windows, they probably aren't neutered/spayed, which presents an even larger concern for your area (those 10 cats could turn into 100 cats in your garden). Many shelters have trap/neuter/release programs - often when the shelters discover that trapped cats are friendly, they will try to adopt the cats out to good owners, rather than releasing them back into the neighborhood they were found. It isn't the cats' fault they have a crappy owner. Consider solutions that will solve your problem AND improve these cats' quality of life. Act quickly though - kitten season will be starting very soon!

Ideas For Dealing with Neighbor's Cats?
Good Questions

3/22/12 10:24 AM

I've always made this stovetop in a large saute pan instead of cooking in the oven... just cover and continue simmering on low heat for about 40 minutes. I also always seem to use much more curry than any Country Captain Chicken recipe calls for (like 4 times as much).

The almonds taste amazing if you toast them in a bit of Asian sesame seed oil right before adding as a garnish to the dish. Cilantro is also a good garnish instead of parsley.

Southern Dinner Recipe: Country Captain Chicken
4/22/11 09:38 PM

That bedroom is luscious!

Sheila's Practically Palatial
4/22/11 12:32 PM

This entry made me finally join AT. Your home is stunning down to the last detail... and I just love that you rescued that sorry little dracena from the street.

I'd love to see a full house tour!

Nicole's Old-World Style Home
4/22/11 11:59 AM